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  • End of September 2016
  • October 2016
  • In time for Xmas 2016
  • February 2017
  • A "few weeks" from March 10th 2017
  • Summer 2017
  • 8 weeks from August 9th (October 4th, 2017)
  • Mid October 2017
  • April 2018
  • May 8th - 12th 2018
  • May 12th 2018
  • May 31st 2018 (Indiegogo deadline)
  • June 15th 2018
  • July 6th 2018

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Friday 5th January, 2018

A backer notices that the accounts for Retro Computers Ltd have been extended by a month. As of yesterday, the accounts showed they were due on 30 December 2017 (left side of the image, overdue by 6 days) and now they show they are due on 31 January 2018 (right side of the image)

RCL accounts extended on Companies House 30 December 2017 to 31 January 2018

Saturday 6th January, 2018

An article and video by Chris Foxx appears on the BBC website entitled CES 2018: Psion PDA gets Android makeover. In the video, Janko Mrsic-Flogel is asked about "a different crowd-funded retro computer" (the Vega+) and lies about when he joined the project.

Chris Foxx of the BBC

Behind the device is businessman Janko Mrsic-Flogel. He's also a company director at another firm making a different crowd-funded retro computer that is many months late but he told the BBC he only joined that company long after its crowd-funding and still expects the device to be delivered.

— Chris Foxx

Janko Mrsic-Flogel lies to the BBC about his involvement with the Vega+

The Retro Computers Ltd entry on Companies House shows Janko Mrsic-Flogel became a director on April 19th, 2016 and this was announced even earlier on the Indiegogo campaign update on April 15th, 2016. This is approximately 3 weeks after the Indiegogo campaign funding was successful, and less than 1 week after the first large payment of £141,769.92 was received on April 13th, 2016, and a month prior to the first Paypal lump sum payment of £100,000 on May 18th 2016.

Lee Fogarty has previously posted several comments about the BBC's biased reporting, in particular about Leo Kelion (technology desk editor). Lee Fogarty posted on the Indiegogo comments section on March 11th 2017 that Leo Kelion has been reported to the police along with his colleague Holly Brockwell:

Lying Lee Fogarty

The fact that Leo Kelion has been reported to the police for his part in this, and is participating along with his colleague Holly in the campaign says a lot more than his “article”

— Lee Fogarty

Lee Fogarty says Leo Kelion of the BBC has been reported to the police

Lee Fogarty also posted on World of Spectrum on March 11th 2017 claiming that Leo Kelion of the BBC publishes articles for ex-director Paul Andrews:

Lying Lee Fogarty

For the record, Leo Kelion is a personal friend of Paul Andrews.He was given the same information as other reporters - nobody was threatened, but the BBC in particular have a duty not to include items likely to disrupt court cases - which he chose to ignore, then published Andrews article for him.

— Lee Fogarty

Sunday 7th January, 2018

Multiple people report receiving messages from the Solicitor's Regulation Authority regarding the investigation into lawfirms Teacher Stern and Michelmores. The letters include the name of the Regulatory supervisor investigating the case and show that the case is being treated very seriously. 


Monday 8th January, 2018

David Levy has failed to update backers of the Vega+ for 3 months, but has found time to discuss male sex robots with the Daily Mail in an article called Hard wired: Now you'll be able to buy MALE sex robots too as artificial 'companions' with bionic penises are set to go on sale this year.


Saturday 13th January, 2018

Suzanne Martin has no time to update backers or process refunds, but has found time to attempt to remove various articles and photos of her and David Levy from the internet. The image on the left shows Google image search results from December 2017, and the right image shows search results as of today UK time.

Suzanne Martin Nip google image search results

Monday 15th January, 2018

Paul Andrews posts an image from prior to the original Vega being released that shows the company was setup to produce only four products - the original Vega, a handheld version of the Vega (that became the vapourware Vega+) and two future projects being a 3D games console and a low cost computer. The document also shows that the original plan was for nobody to take salaries for the first year.

Paul Andrews

Retro Computers Limited as you all know was not originally called that – the company was originally called – SINCLAIR COMPUTERS LIMITED – but at the request of SKY, at the last moment we had to quickly change the name, and literally we came up with, agreed and changed the name from Sinclair to Retro in the space of a morning.

The company was set up to create TWO specific products, and maybe two more potentially as per the screen grab below, which is of the original agreements proposed by Levy to us.

So to be VERY CLEAR despite what Levy says over and over, the evidence (let alone the facts) are what became ‘Retro Computers Limited’ was set up to ONLY create Sinclair branded products, not Commodore products, not RETRO products in general, but BRANDED SINCLAIR ones.

There was nothing in place or agreed to say we could not work outside of the company, in fact we all did / do have interests in multiple companies, some doing electronic devices/games even, and we also have it in writing from Clive’s representative that he was aware myself and Chris were doing what became THEC64, and he had no concerns or interest, or claims in non-Sinclair products.

As Levy likes to use this one over and over, I thought it was worth mentioning, and showing (this scan is of a document created well before we finished the original vega, in fact before we set up the company and crowdfunded the original Vega etc.)

— Paul Andrews

Retro Computers Ltd was setup to produce only 4 products

Saturday 20th January, 2018

While David Levy has no time for updating backers regarding the Vega+, he has found time to appear in an article called Paedophiles and rapists 'set for SEX ROBOT therapy in jail – and TAXPAYERS will pay'. Highlights from the article:

  • Dr David Levy, author of Love and Sex With Robots told the Daily Star, ‘I can see the government getting involved in the case of criminals. ‘You go to jail and while you’re in jail, you have a sex robot in your cell. And when you come out, you have a sex robot for so many months, like being on probation.’
  • Levy said, ‘Maybe it’s something for the psychiatry profession to consider. So people who have sexual perversions, or whatever; if they want to be cured, maybe they’d go to a psychiatrist and they’d say, ‘I think you’d benefit from having one of these robots for six months’.

Monday 22nd January, 2018

Jan Saggiori posts messages to Paul Andrews demanding that two Twitter accounts be removed. Paul Andrews denies setting them up or knowing anything about who is using them.

Jan Saggiori the Swiss trust fund lunatic, aka Kim Jan Un

I posted what I posted today for 2 reasons.

1) This one: https://twitter.com/RSaggiori
2) This one: https://twitter.com/JanSaggiori

Get rid of them, in your side, and I will get things calmed down.
Have a good evening
So up to you to do the right thing about these 2 points above, to get things in my side calm again as I was until these 2 appeared.

— Jan Saggiori

Jan Saggiori demands twitter accounts be taken down

Court case details for backer Rob (who was refused a refund) against David Levy/RCL are posted with the small claims court trial set for 10am on Wednesday January 31st:


Tuesday 23rd January, 2018

Jan Saggiori posts a message in his "democracy" group that appears to use a non-standard font, but whoever created the screenshot has hidden a secret message inside it. Taking the first letter of each sentence spells out "JAN IS A C*NT", and Jan Saggiori deletes the post and bans several people that ask him about it.

Jan Saggiori trolled with a message saying Jan is a c*nt

Thursday 25th January, 2018

A tweet is posted reporting that David Levy has tried (and failed) to get the small claims court case against him moved from Luton to London:


Friday 26th January, 2018

Several backers have reported being contacted by the Solicitor's Regulation Authority and told they will be updated by the end of the month!


Monday 29th January, 2018

For the first time in over three months, Suzanne Martin posts a reply to a backer on Indiegogo. Several people notice that the timing is just before the small claims court case that David Levy is due to face on Wednesday the 31st January at 10am. The reply from Suzanne is as off-topic as ever and a number of people have joined in asking why their refund requests have not been fulfilled. (Please note that several posts have been removed from this screenshot to consolidate the posts asking about refund requests. They have not been deleted on the Indiegogo site).

Suzanne replies due to court case coming up on January 31

Tuesday 30th January, 2018

At 3pm David Levy attempts to prevent Rob Morton going ahead with the small claims case by offering to pay £155 to make tomorrow's case disappear. Rob refuses the offer, as a large number of costs have already been incurred by himself and his witnesses. RCL ask for Rob's account details and transfer £155 that day (despite the offer being refused). In David Levy's court submission, he states:

Beige jacketed cloud headed fraudster David Levy

Jan Saggiori is an investigative journalist, working for the defendant in uncovering the true identities of the trolls.

— David Levy
  • David Levy has confirmed a relationship between Jan Saggiori and RCL. (Jan Saggiori has admitted doxxing people, setting up a fake Retro Games Ltd website, spreading misinformation and lies about TheC64 and banning all negative talk about the Vega+).
  • David Levy has perjured himself by claiming that Jan Saggiori is an investigative journalist (he is not).

Wednesday 31st January, 2018

A new article appears on the Real Crooks blog called David Levy Companies - Past and Present - Unlucky in Love and Business (backup available). The article outlines the huge number of failed companies that David Levy, Suzanne Martin and Janko Mrsic-Flogel have been responsible for, along with their accountant and shows a history of failing to file accounts on time.

Retro Computers Ltd director Mr David Levy fails to appear in the small claims court in Luton. Levy was due to appear at 10am, but claims he won't attend due to a fear that trolls want to chop his cock off. Levy goes on to lose the court case as the judge announces that backers were receiving an order, not pledging for an idea or perk.

Gaz Corfield posts an article in The Register called Crowdfunding small print binned as Retro Computers Ltd loses court refund action. Highlights of the article:

  • A crowdfunding backer of Retro Computers Ltd has won his court claim for a refund against the company for failing to deliver its promised product.
  • The court also ruled that Indiegogo’s terms and conditions were not relevant to the claim.
  • Judgement was entered against RCL for the sum of £584, made up of the £85 initial discount price for Morton's Vega Plus, the £5 postage for the device, and travel costs plus loss of earnings for Morton himself and his two witnesses, Paul Andrews and Darren Melbourne.
  • Morton, who had backed RCL's previous Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega product, received an email from RCL in early 2016 urging him to sign up for a Vega Plus. He told the court that he had asked for a refund 45 times without success.
  • Dr David Levy, chairman of RCL, failed to attend the hearing. In an amended witness statement served the night before the hearing he claimed that he was too scared to attend because he was worried about "having his cock chopped off" by "trolls" whom he said had been urged to meet "outside the court in Luton tomorrow". No such gathering took place. Levy also sent Morton £155 the night before the hearing in a last-ditch effort to stave off proceedings, something the judge described as "not appropriate".
  • The court also considered and discarded Indiegogo's terms and conditions. RCL's defence centred on pointing to the small print and asserting that because the Vega Plus was presented as a perk that backers voluntarily contributed towards the delivery of, and not a finished product that was bought from an online shop, that they should not be liable for refunds. District Judge Clarke commented: "It says: 'campaign owners are legally bound to perform on any promise to contributors, including delivering any perks'. The defendant says this was a perk. As far as the paperwork in relation to this transaction is concerned, the claimant produced documentation that was sent to him before he entered into the agreement to provide funding... It talks about the benefits of supporting, pledging £100 to receive a Vega Plus from the first production run. On that basis it would imply if you promised to pay £100 you would get a Vega Plus from the production run."
  • The judge ruled that an implied contract of sale had been formed between Morton and RCL, and that RCL had breached the contract by failing to deliver the Vega Plus that Morton paid for.

A backer notices the domain retrocomputersltd.com now points to Gareth Corfield's latest article.


Thursday 1st February, 2018

A new section for backers wishing to begin small claims court hearings against Mr David Levy and Retro Computers Ltd has been added.

Gaz Corfield follows up yesterday's story with an article called Crowdfunding refund judgment doesn't quite open the floodgates. Highlights of the article:

  • Yesterday's county court ruling that Indiegogo's Ts&Cs weren’t wholly relevant to the question "does a crowdfunding-backed company form a contract of sale with its customers?" won't quite open the floodgates for people who feel they've been ripped off.
  • The judge ruled that RCL had formed an implied contract of sale between itself and Morton. This, said the judge, was because RCL had directly emailed Morton urging him to give them money for one of the first 100 consoles – and the payment he made was recorded by Indiegogo's systems as an "order". Not a "pledge" or an "investment", but an "order".
  • Had RCL not directly emailed its customer urging him to buy one of its products through Indiegogo, and had Indiegogo's systems not recorded his payment as an order, the outcome could have been very different. 
  • The judge also dismissed RCL's argument that the product was still in production and had merely been delayed for two years, saying the company was "under an obligation to provide within a reasonable period", adding: "The claimant appears to have contacted the company and requested a refund because there was no progress in production of this handheld computer. It is clear to me on the information I have received that he was asking for his money back if it wasn't being produced. The defence was very much on the basis of 'it will be delivered'. We are now some months down the line and it still hasn't been delivered and in those circumstances I am satisfied he gave notice that time was effectively running out."
  • the judge imposed a duty of reasonableness on RCL, saying that it had then breached that duty by stringing Morton along for so long. 
  • If you make an "order" then you have quite probably formed a contract of sale, if you're in England and the firm making your gadget is also subject to English law.

Laura Kate Dale posts an article on Kotaku called ZX Spectrum Vega Plus Backer Wins Refund in Court.

The accounts for Retro Computers Ltd are now overdue, as they were supposed to be filed by January 31, 2018.

Gary Hunter asks Retro Computers Ltd for a refund following RCL's loss in court yesterday. Gary provides evidence that RCL are still receiving and reading the Facebook messenger messages, but refusing to reply. Gary's refund request was received and read 1 minute after he sent it:

Evidence that Retro Computers Ltd views Gary Hunter's refund request


Friday 2nd February, 2018

Retro Computers Ltd and Indiegogo freeze the Indiegogo accounts of at least 5 backers. All 5 receive an identical message from Indiegogo. Graham Kenny, Richard Ratcliffe, Daniel Newby, Wesley Moore and Kieran Hawken have all been frozen:

Graham Kenny's Indiegogo account frozen

Several people notice posts on the Indiegogo campaign that mentioned RCL's court case loss and links to the small claims article have been deleted. (If anyone has a screenshot of the deleted posts by Richard please post them on Facebook or Twitter and one of the team will upload them here). 

Gareth Corfield tweets offering assistance for those wishing to take RCL to court:

George Cropper releases his first Vega+ video of 2018 (his 38th commentary about the Vega+ fiasco).

Despite Paul Dunn being owed several thousand pounds by RCL, "Dunny" goes into bat for RCL suggesting that Levy's email account may have been hacked and the comment about having his cock chopped off "was not his mode of speech".

Paul Dunn suggests Levy's email account hacked with cock chopped off comment

Saturday 3rd February, 2018

The Hackaday website posts an article called Crowdfunding is now a contract between company and backer featuring David Levy's loss in small claims court.


Monday 5th February, 2018

RCL release 3 updates after losing the small claims court case less than a week ago. The updates show RCL are now aiming for an April 2018 release to backers, blame the former directors and trolls for all RCL's problems, admit they have banned various backers from Indiegogo (and have threatened to delete comments and backers if negative comments are posted about their update, claiming a breach of Indiegogo's terms), and paint a rosy picture of the fiasco. A close up picture showing the various iterations of the Vega shows extremely poor quality buttons on the units.

Vega+ buttons look like Suzanne Martin's dog ate them

The updates are called "We're Still Here". Update 71 blames trolls and backers spamming the Indiegogo comments with refund requests. Update 72 blames the former directors and shows various photos of the design being downgraded from Rick Dickinson's original concept to what appears to be a cheap plastic Chinese knock-off. Update 73 consists of questions and answers that RCL asked themselves, followed by a "polite reminder" that abuse or rudeness will result in comment deletions and being banned from Indiegogo:

Retro Computers Ltd

As a polite reminder, if you are going to comment on this post and we see any unnecessary abuse or rudeness, we will be forced to delete the comment and, in some cases, Indiegogo will ban people, in accordance with its Terms of Use. Please just be nice, and if you can’t be nice, be understanding. It’s always easier to be quiet than it is to be transparent. Be respectful.

— Retro Computers Ltd (update 73)

George Cropper releases a full 25 minute tear-down of the updates, exposing various lies from RCL in a video called THE VEGA+ AND THEIR LIE FILLED Q&A:

RCL's updates fail to answer the following:

After 3 months without a reply, RCL post multiple replies to backers on the Indiegogo campaign. In response to a question about making a film, RCL announce that the book perk that was promised is "possible":

Retro Computers Ltd

A film, a book, a play all possible. Getting it right was really important to us and the integrity of the Sinclair legacy. The enforced delays allowed us to fix the design issues.

— Retro Computers Ltd

A film, book, play all possible and getting it right was important

Approximately 10 of the latest requests for a refund all have a standard reply posted where RCL promise to "look into it":

Retro Computers Ltd

Please send us a DM so we can look into this for you.

— Retro Computers Ltd

Mrcoops refund request please send a dm we will look into it

wimbledonpaul asks where is his refund?

Among the huge number of "please DM us rather than making us look bad in the Indiegogo comments" replies, RCL somehow miss a question from Darren Randle asking where the refunds are. The messages on either side of Darren's posts are answered, but not his question:

Darren Randle asks where are the refunds?

RCL reply regarding their silence, claiming they "couldn't be silenced any longer":

Retro Computers Ltd

We just couldn't be silenced any longer. So here we are and the Vega+ V2 looks and feels ace.

— Retro Computers Ltd

RCL post to say the roll of honour is still open, meaning the firmware hasn't yet been completed.

Retro Computers Ltd

HI Gary, give the amount of spamming and trolling on the message section your request most likely got lost. Let us try again. I think if you DM us we will be able to help you. And we still have time to make sure you are mentioned on the Roll of Honour.

— Retro Computers Ltd

The reason for RCL's sudden appearance is revealed when Leo Kelion of the BBC releases an article called New Spectrum Vega+ promises follow funds threat.  Highlights of the article:

  • The team behind a controversial video games console has given a fresh delivery date pledge after the crowdfunding platform it used threatened to recoup backers' funds. The Sinclair ZX Vega+ handheld was originally scheduled for delivery in September 2016, but has been repeatedly delayed.
  • Retro Computers Ltd says it now intends to "start shipping units" in April. Indiegogo told the BBC on Friday that it had set an end-of-May deadline.
  • The US company intends to appoint a third-party collections agency to obtain and return the £85 to £100 paid by consumers to get one of the machines, if that target is missed.
  • Indiegogo's trust-and-safety team had also required RCL to post a "significant update" this week to stave off an intervention.
  • The London-based company had raised £512,790 via Indiegogo for the project before it was blocked from raising further funds last year due to delays and a lack of communication with backers. The company also offered pre-sales for the device for a time via its own website.
  • The BBC last reported on the Vega+ campaign in March 2017. The company requested that the article not be published at the time on the grounds that it might compromise a police investigation. The BBC did delay publication to give the company time to provide relevant evidence, but it never did so.
  • Reaction to the latest update has been mixed. Some consumers have thanked RCL for its continued efforts, while others have cast doubt as to whether the April target will indeed be met.

In response to the BBC article, George Cropper releases a second video called THE VEGA+ BY MAY OR PAY.

Jan Saggiori claims the BCC have lied about RCL and Indiegogo:

Jan Saggiori the Swiss trust fund lunatic, aka Kim Jan Un

BBC will have to retract the IGG stuff, as it's fake statement about IGG. IGG never told such thing. The BBC Journalist should have verified his sources. This shows up to where haters go to provide fake info, feeding to journalists fakes.

— Jan Saggiori

Employee Jan Saggiori says the BBC will have to retract the article about RCL

Tuesday 6th February, 2018

Website gamesindustry.biz reports an article called Indiegogo threatens to recoup Spectrum Vega+ funds, new release date promised. Paul Andrews contacts the website to clarify that both Chris Smith and Paul refute all allegations made in the article, and the article is changed to reflect this.

Backer Justin King receives the run-around when RCL claim that Paypal have to get in touch with him before he can receive his refund.

Retro Computers Ltd

Morning Justin, we have nearly 5000 backers and things take time we are a small team. We will come back to you within 48 hours and Paypal will be in touch with you as we have made contact with them.

— Retro Computers Ltd

Justin King given the run around regarding refund by Suzanne Martin/RCL

Wednesday 7th February, 2018

After promising to contact backers regarding refunds within 48 hours on Monday, not a single person has posted on social media to indicate they have received a refund.

Gareth Corfield posts an article called Indiegogo to ailing ZX Spectrum reboot firm: End of May... or we call the debt collector. Highlights of the article:

  • Retro Computers Ltd, the infamous ZX Spectrum Vega Plus firm, has been given until May by crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to deliver its years-late product or expect a visit from a “third party collections agency”.
  • As reported by the BBC, Indiegogo – which has consistently kept the troubled campaign at arm’s length – has finally stepped in, threatening RCL with a debt collector unless it delivers its promised handheld gaming console.
  • Indiegogo’s PR tentacle told The Register that its Trust and Safety team “is in touch with the campaign owners and required them to post a significant update to backers this week.” It also claimed that RCL had “continued to express that they are committed to fulfilling the promises they made in the campaign and have expressed that they now expect to do so by May at the latest.”
  • They also confirmed that a “third party collections agency” would be sent in if RCL failed to deliver by the "end of May".
  • The Companies House record for Retro Computers Ltd currently says its accounts are overdue. They should have been filed on 31 January.
  • RCL managing director Suzanne Martin told The Register: “Firstly, we have decided we will no longer be silenced by the people who have orchestrated a campaign of harassment and credible threats against us. The BBC report from yesterday is completely misleading. We have not been issued with an ultimatum by Indiegogo, in fact, we have been in dialogue with them for some time to discuss the harassment and serious threats, and they are very understanding of our situation.”
  • Suzanne Martin alleged the BBC had ignored an offer to interview 72-year-old David Levy, RCL’s chairman, who appears to be developing a new public persona as a cheerleader for sex robots.
  • The “harassment” alleged by Martin appears to refer to those aggrieved RCL customers who either want the promised product delivered or their money back. A large number of recent comments on RCL’s Indiegogo page appear to be from customers requesting refunds, some of whom say they have asked multiple times and been ignored.
  • Paul Andrews, a shareholder in RCL and a former director of the company, denies all the allegations made by Martin and Levy in the company’s latest three updates on Indiegogo, in which they accuse him of trying to sabotage the project.

In response to the latest negative publicity, RCL post on the Indiegogo comments about a future question and answer update:

Retro Computers Ltd

Big thanks for the support & positive feedback over the last few days and big thanks to the people who felt able to comment for the first time – please keep the dialogue open. A few a people are still spamming -please play nice. We will be back on-line later today and first thing tomorrow to answer comments & questions. We are also working on a new Q and A, because it has proved to be so popular.
Finally, some wag has spammed our email accounts again – you know you are and we know who you are.

— Retro Computers Ltd

RCL use ringfenced backer funds to sponsor the Q+A update they were forced into issuing by Indiegogo from Monday the 5th of January.

RCL using ringfenced backer funds sponsoring facebook updates (part 3 of 3)

Lee Fogarty posts on the World of Spectrum facebook group claiming he was not fired, discussing Suzanne passing information to Jan Saggiori, and Lee's thoughts on RCL's latest updates.

Lying Lee Fogarty

It has come to my attention that yet again, RCL are refusing to let it go and continuing with their blatant lies. It has again been claimed that I was "fired" so let's set the record straight...

I fed Suzanne some information deliberately. Within 5 minutes, Jan had posted it. During the last meeting with RCL, Suzanne looked me in the eye and swore blind she'd never had contact with him.

This was the same meeting where a 3D print was pulled out to convince me the product was "within weeks" of delivery.

When I quit, Suzanne then proceeded to harass my gf at work on several occasions telling her "he's having a childish strop which is a stupid move because we are delivering within 3 weeks" - that was 4 months ago.

Having used the phrases "quit" and "fired", I should point out there was never a contract with RCL outside of the software one. I repeatedly asked for an NDA and contract but was always put off. The software contract states clearly that non-payment of services results in withdrawal. Suzanne made a report to action fraud who contacted me within two days for information and are satisfied the contract stands and is perfectly legitimate. The non-payment btw was for two very small overdue payments and a refusal from RCL to pay them.

After my statement, I received the following email from David Levy - does that look like an email to someone you just fired?

As for the recent update - not one person has seen the new software. Given the timescales between testing, bug fixes, testing again, final bug fixes, final testing, it is highly unlikely the software will be production ready by the end of May going by past experience trying to manage that for RCL. Even with co-operation, their stated date of April is highly unlikely. I feel I should also point out that one of the hardware gripes with some testers is a dead zone on the d-pad. When this was raised, we were informed it was far too late to make hardware changes. This was before the entire unit (apart from the d-pad) were re-designed. This design fault makes shooters very difficult to play as the dead zone is apparent when trying to go from top-right to bottom-left quickly.

As for testing. Well, our initial tests highlighted several issues only people familiar with the ZX Spectrum would have noticed. Are these people testing now? RCL are well aware they need people from the community to get this right but always insisted they trust nobody in the community and therefore it will be handed to students.

— Lee Fogarty

Download a high-res scan of the email sent by David Levy to Lee Fogarty on Saturday 11th November 2017:

Beige jacketed cloud headed fraudster David Levy

David Levy <davidlevylondon@yahoo.com> wrote on 11/11/2017:


I am absolutely disgusted at your recent behaviour and in particular at the diatribe you launched against Suzanne today on Facebook. I suspect that the pressure of the past 18 months has finally got to you, and that as a result you have allowed yourself to be bought off by the group of trolls who, for the past 18 months, have orchestrated the vile campaign of harassment and intimidation against RCL, its directors, and yourself. To have done so would be a treachery so ghastly that I can't think of words adequate to describe such a turnabout. Not content with withdrawing yourself from the fray, which I fully understand and agree with, you are now aiding and abetting the enemy. Have you forgotten that, not so long ago, those with whom you are now siding put an image of a tombstone online with "RIP Lee Fogarty" on it. How on earth can you now take their pieces of silver? Don't you have any self-respect?

You say: "For the past 18 months, at least 5 times a day, 7 days a week I have had phone calls from Suzanne Martin. On several occasions in the early hours of the morning, often hysterical." This is highly reminiscent of the way that Paul Andrews behaves, accusing others of what he himself is doing. I regularly speak to Suzanne many times a day, and for many months now the first call of the morning usually included her account of the calls that you had been making to her, often long calls, often late at night or in the early hours of the morning. Your respective phone bills will show who called who, how often, for how long, and when, but there is no doubt in my mind that it was you who instigated most of the calls between you, and it was you who needed and received the emotional support.

Suzanne's advice to you and to Tanya to close all your social media accounts was good advice. It is the advice we have been getting from the police and from our lawyers, in the face of what Andrews & Co have been dishing up. It was advice intended to make life less difficult for both of you, by removing from your sight what the trolls have been saying about you. The advice was very well intentioned. All of Suzanne's advice to you that I have been hearing about these past months has been intended to benefit you and Tanya.

I can understand how difficult life has been for you and Tanya, and I can understand how such intense and vile pressure for so many months could affect your state of mind so much that you cannot now tell right from wrong. You need help Lee, and hopefully if you can get appropriate help you will be able to restore your mind to some sort of normality.

In the meantime you should cease immediately from attacking Suzanne and from siding and acting with the enemy.

— David Levy

Lee Fogarty claims he quit and RCL are lying

Backer lghh_4 posts a summary of the last 48 hours on the Indiegogo comments:

Indiegogo anonymous

Thus far in only 2 days you have:

  1. Referred to backers as “wags”, “spammers”, “abusers” and “horrid”.
  2. Made claims of threats of physical abuse from backers
  3. Referenced secret groups out to get you
  4. Claimed the BBC and the Register have lied 
  5. Blamed court case loss on “threats of violence”
  6. Called out former and current RCL members by name as conspiring against you
  7. Threatened to Dox backers

Whoever is writing this stuff for you sounds mentally ill.

Source: these comments and your last update

— lghh_4

lghh_4's accurate 48 hour summary of RCL's antics

Thursday 8th February, 2018

The BBC updates the article New Spectrum Vega+ promises follow funds threat adding the following to the bottom of the story:


Update: 8 February 2018

Indiegogo has agreed the BBC can quote the following bullet points, which it had provided, to confirm that it had indeed spoken to us:

  • Indiegogo's Trust & Safety team is in touch with the campaign owners and has required them to post a significant update to backers within the week [which RCL has now done]
  • The campaign owners have continued to express that they are committed to fulfilling the promises they made in the campaign and have expressed that they now expect to do so by May at the latest
  • If the campaign does not fulfil by the end of May, Indiegogo's Trust & Safety team will take additional steps to protect backers by sending the campaign to a third-party collections agency to work on recouping backer funds

Indiegogo later added:

  • The May deadline was set by Indiegogo given the expectations the campaign owners had that they will fulfil by then
  • That was an internal deadline at Indiegogo, which was also shared with the media
  • This week, Indiegogo also communicated the May deadline to the campaign owner given their expectation to deliver by then

Flickering Myth posts an article called Indiegogo issues Retro Computers Ltd. a final date to deliver the ZX Vega+ or backers are to be refunded.


Friday 9th February, 2018

Lee Fogarty posts on the World of Spectrum facebook group discussing the possibility of taking over the Vega+ and then discusses a plethora of failings of RCL and the Vega+ device that have not been made public by other testers such as Jonathan Cauldwell. This includes how the batteries are 18 months old yet only come with a 2 year warranty, how incompetent RCL are for not being able to filter Indiegogo emails into a folder, the non-spring-loaded SD card slots requiring tweezers, the screens falling out, the non-functioning TV out and the faulty on-screen keyboard that automatically closes after a single key selection.

Lying Lee Fogarty

It would cost surprisingly little to take over the project - it's a £150k 6 month project. If you did buy it, you get the added bonus of a box with 10,000 pairs of tweezers, and another box with 10,000 batteries. The batteries only have a 2yr warranty though and they are 18 months old now.

Can we have spring loaded SD slots? I'm not keen on the alternative solution. Oh - and for surprisingly little extra we can have touch screen too!

We could amend it slightly so it works on a TV screen. Maybe add an option for the keyboard to work too?

Delivery? I was thinking of taking their money, then issuing an update saying we are making something else hacked together from unsold stock, and if it sells we will make what they paid for? Seems to be a working model...

If I suspected £300k was missing from my company, and 50% shareholders were trying to stop it being found, I would be wondering why too....

It's possible our campaign will result in spam emails being sent. Will you be able to set up a basic filter? I heard it's impossible to filter emails from Indiegogo to a separate folder.

Can't say I haven't thought about it. It's easy done and if I thought it would be backed I wouldn't think twice. With all of the offers from the community begging rcl to let them help it would be a great community project. And it would work!

BTW - that update is everything I was assured a year ago already existed. Including repeated assurances that 6k units had been made and were waiting for the software to be finished. That's 6k of the old style that can't be used now. That's 6k made* before* realising they can't be sold to retail because the screens fall out if you drop them. And 6k tweezers ordered to remove SD cards.

Any news on whether the TV out works? Last we were told is that the manufacturers of the components, who make tens of thousands of these, don't have working linux drivers. Same with the keyboard - although draft1 of the manual I have does tell you exactly which keyboard to buy because it kind of works.
You can of course use the on-screen keyboard. It's a pain when it closes after a single keypress, so adventure games on the go are a bitch to play.

Oooh! I found some advice they followed! You cannot under any circumstances release that manual!!

— Lee Fogarty

Lee Fogarty considers taking over the Vega+ as it's currently junk

A keen-eyed backer has discovered a small PWT sticker on the photos released on the RCL facebook page that indicate the boards are being manufactured by Printed Wiring Technologies Ltd, a firm specialising in high quality small and medium batch PCBs.

PWT is the firm manufacturing PCBs

RCL continue to be obsessed with rival project TheC64, posting comments on the Vega+ Indiegogo campaign that has nothing to do with TheC64. RCL also claim the vapourware book "The making of the Vega and Vega+" will be a best seller.

Retro Computers Ltd

We are planning on releasing lots of info. I believe the campaign you are referring to hasn't shown any evidence of producing a single product people backed. NO tools, NO boxes, NO evidence at all. They appear to be showing an entirely different product no one ordered via the campaign. Correct us if we are wrong

Hey yes it did and we think the book will be a best seller.

— Retro Computers Ltd

RCL claim the book will be a best seller and there is no evidence of TheC64

Backer scimitar received a reply several days ago regarding his refund requests and was told to send a direct message to RCL and to check for a message from Paypal. RCL post the same generic reply to multiple people claiming their email accounts are being spammed, yet continue to ask backers to forward emails to their email account rather than simply look up the Indiegogo backer details and issue the refunds.

Retro Computers Ltd

HI There we haven't been back on line for the simple reason our emails have been spammed again and as you know we are a small team. This happens pretty much every time we update and it is incredibly disruptive. We are working to get it fixed now

If you forward those emails to us we will looking into this. Looking at our email history we can't see this.

— Retro Computers Ltd

Backer scimitar wonders how RCL could possibly miss his refund requests

RCL break the data protection act by exposing the names of backers that ask for refunds in what appears to be a "we know who you are" threatening manner. Previously anonymous backer "mrcoops" has his name published for everyone to see when he informs RCL he has made 115 refund requests.

Retro Computers Ltd

HI Mr Coops you ask in the troll group why we don't have a spam filter. Probably better to ask here. We DO HAVE A SPAM FILTER. You are welcome Brian.

— Retro Computers Ltd

MrCoops 115 refund requests but RCL break data protection act

Saturday 10th February, 2018

A concerned backer tweets regarding the rush order Vega+ prototypes produced by PWT in under 5 days:

A close up of the Vega+ units shows the extremely poor build quality, particularly with the non-spring loaded micro SD card slots that appear to be completely different sizes in all the units.

Prototype Vega+ units look like junk

Another close up shot shows the extremely poor quality casing on the Vega+ prototype units, with the bottom left unit in the photo completely breaking on both the top and bottom of the device:

A low quality smashed up Vega+ unit by Levy and Martin of Retro Computers Ltd


Sunday 11th February, 2018

Daniel Newby tweets wondering why the unit doesn't support a touch screen when the spec sheet supports a touch screen controller:


Tuesday 13th February, 2018

RCL post a "Hollywood quality" video on their facebook page, showing a montage video of previously released static photos. For some reason, the video has a "Send Message" button drawn into the video. RCL delete most of the comments relating to the video.


Wednesday 14th February, 2018

Backer George Fyvie receives a refund after RCL insist he provide them with his bank account details. A Paypal transfer of funds was refused, with several people speculating that RCL's Paypal account has been frozen.


Thursday 15th February, 2018

RCL release 8 updates (and in typical RCL style number them 1-5 and 7-9) called Conflict of Interest and publish 18 month old emails between the former directors. One of the emails shows Chris Smith had a fully functioning and basically complete Vega+ almost 2 years ago. None of the 8 updates mention refund requests, timelines, PEGI rating, how many game licences have been acquired or GOSH payments. On the RCL facebook page, the Conflict of Interest post also includes 17 photos of the emails. Various comments are deleted.

Paul Andrews posts a response on the public discussion facebook group:

Paul Andrews

With regards to the nonsense Mr Levy has published today, Thursday the 15th February 2018.

I don’t think that people want to read pages and pages of dull business e-mails, so I’ll keep my response as short as possible.

As previously stated many time, Retro Computers Limited, (initially called Sinclair Computers Limited, and only changed at the insistence of the IP licensor SKY) was set up with the limited remit of four Sinclair branded potential products. The first being the Vega which was successfully delivered (while myself and Chris Smith were involved with the company), the second was to be the Vega Plus (not yet delivered under the current directors control), the third and fourth Sir Clive was to provide (those being a Sinclair branded laptop, and a 3D games console), those were never discussed past the initial documents of the companies aims. The company was not there to do anything more than that.

It seems pointless to answer all of Mr Levy’s increasingly wild and bizarre accusations, especially when it is widely known, that after I confirmed to Mr Levy the company no longer required the services of the then part time PR contractor (Suzanne Martin) and, that until the Vega Plus was made and delivered to backers, no one (i.e. Mr Levy, myself of Chris) could draw wages, etc. at that point Mr Levy and Suzanne Martin started a well-documented hate campaign against myself and Chris, in an attempt to drive us out, which in the end we felt we had no choice but to leave. For clarity Chris Smith was never paid for any of the ZX Vega IP, for clarity outstanding invoices in excess of £70k+ are still outstanding to me and Chris (while Mr Levy has paid himself parallel invoices after we left). Once more for clarity myself and Chris left Retro Computers Limited, BEFORE any Vega Plus backer funds where paid to the company, and also for clarity we still own 50% of the company’s shares after having no choice but to take RCL and its current directors to high court to stop the unlawful removal of said shares. This high court case was ruled in our favour, the £50k+ of costs awarded in our favour have yet to be settled to us.

We find it quite sad, that Mr Levy feels the need to try to obscure his own failings in delivering the Vega Plus to backers who paid for it, (almost two years ago), despite many times saying it would be delivered to people, it was in production and so on, while time and time again not fulfilling these promises. He has now set himself a deadline of April 2018 to deliver, we remain hopeful for the sake of backers this time he will finally be telling the truth.

Once again for clarity, trying to use partial emails to create a myth of some form of conflict of interest is also quite sad, I am sure Mr Levy would not like it if I released the emails from various parties in which his friend Sir Clive Sinclair via his representatives not only confirmed he, nor Sinclair Research Limited (25% shareholder in RCL and corporate director), had no issues, with, nor no interest in external projects such as THEC64. I am sure Mr Levy would not also like it if I released the emails which detail how Sir Clive was willing to support us in the removal of Mr Levy as a director of Retro Computers Limited, just prior to the point of us being forced out by a hate campaign. As ever all these documents from emails, to letters, to legal correspondence, to the lawfully obtained RCL bank statements which show how backer money was spent, are with not only our legal representatives, but also the police and other authorities.

There was, and is no conflict of interest, we all had other jobs, other interests, other companies (I should remind you all for example that one of Mr Levy’s at the time was a company called Intelligent Toys Ltd, makers of electronic games etc.) and so on. The current directors also have company’s called Ping Pong Studios Ltd, Planet Computers Ltd, etc. none of which ZX Vega backers care about. The simple truth Mr Levy struggles with is, he was unwanted in external ventures, as he ‘bought nothing to the table’.

So once more we appeal to the current directors of RCL to either deliver the Vega Plus console to backers, or refund them, we appeal to them to pay the many IP owners and charity, which should also benefit from the Vega, and Vega Plus, and stop this silly pointless nonsense, which serves as nothing more than to make them look very unprofessional and bitter over their own failings.

— Paul Andrews

RCL email backer Justin King accusing him of fraud after he emails them asking about his refund requests:

Retro Computers Ltd

Justin you have made fraudulent requests for money from multiple accounts we have reported this to Indiegogo and Paypal

— Retro Computers Ltd

Justin replies with:

How dare you email me and accuse me of FRAUD?

“Justin you have made fraudulent requests for money from multiple accounts we have reported this to Indiegogo and Paypal”

I have simply requested you refund me. I sent money requests to your personal PayPal account with full info of the order number and refund amount. It was quite clear what it was for.

Taking someone’s money and not sending a product in return however may be classed as FRAUD?

Refund please today.

Police are also being contacted to cover myself.

Fraud 1. Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. ‘he was convicted of fraud’ count noun ‘prosecutions for social security frauds’ 1.1. noun A person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities. ‘mediums exposed as tricksters and frauds’


— Justin King

Friday 16th February, 2018

In response to David Levy's unsubstantiated allegations about a conflict of interest, Paul Andrews releases two emails showing Sir Clive Sinclair agreed the TheC64 project was outside of RCL:

The meeting for Wednesday is now cancelled.

Robert, Clive's accountant confirms the following, after speaking with Clive;

Having spoken to Clive (my fellow trustee of The Sinclair 2007 Settlement (the controlling shareholder of SRL)), he confirms to me that the Commodore project was outside Retro and that SRL was never a party to it.

— Robert Freestone

TheC64 is outside RCL and SRL is not party to it

Robert Freestone (chartered accountant of Freestone & Co.) also confirmed:


I have a meeting scheduled shortly so I cannot talk now.

I am sorry to see this matter has been resolved. I have spoken to Clive and he tells me that neither he not SRL has any involvement in the Commodore project, either directly or indirectly.

Perhaps someone ought to remind Mr Levy that he remains a director of Retro and as such he has a fiduciary duty towards the company.

If he deliberately damages its interests I would have thought he is exposing himself to a claim from the company for breach of that duty.

The potential damage is to Retro Computers and I do not act for Retro Computers, are its advisers aware of these problems? Assuming that they have no conflict of interest what is their advice?


— Robert Freestone

Accountant Robert Freestone confirms RCL has no involvement in TheC64

Backer Metal Jesus (who goes by the youtube name MetalJesusRocks and has half a million subscribers) joins the list of people demanding a refund from RCL:

Are these emails supposed to make us feel better about our support of your product!? It just shows how fucked up the whole situation is… I want a refund.

— Metal Jesus

Metal Jesus wants a refund

Saturday 17th February, 2018

A twitter user discovers a new website saggiorijan.com contains information about RCL employee Jan Saggiori. Jan has admitted doxxing various members of the retro community during the Vega+ debacle.

Darren Randle receives a message from Indiegogo informing him that he can no longer post comments on the campaign.

Darren Randle blocked from commenting on Vega+ Indiegogo campaign

Backer Ronan McEvoy posts on the RCL facebook page asking why a two and a half year old dispute is being used as an excuse by RCL now:

@David / Suzanne - To be very clear, this dispute occurred 2.5 years ago in September 2015.

In the intervening 2.5 years, you have taken over £500k of our money, squandered it, and delivered nothing.

In the meantime, Andrews & Smyth WILL bring the 64 Mini to market on 29/03/18.

So, why should they have involved you in the C64 project, when you both clearly bring NOTHING to the party. The relationship with Sir Clive means nothing on the C64.

Wise up, and stop trying to use this as a valid excuse for abusing the goodwill (& money) of backers.

— Ronan McEvoy

Monday 19th February, 2018

RCL posts update 82 called Big Boys Toys that features a heavily edited video of random machines making random pieces and claiming the entire unit is being made in the UK:

Retro Computers Ltd

This is not a 3D Printer - this is a Big Boy Injection Moulding Machine.

This footage is from a few weeks ago in December, but we now have 10k sets. These are the second set of tools we have made for the moulds and as we have explained before we believe the new design will give players a much-improved gaming experience. We love how sparking on the tools accentuates the iconic Spectrum logo.

All the tools in our teaser are made in the UK, and the plastics are also 'home grown' so we're incredibly proud of supporting British companies. No other gaming console is 100% made in the UK. We believe that working with British manufacturers means the quality is second to none and also allows for a close working relationship with our partners, as well as full transparency on a corporate and social responsibility front.

So in summary; 10k sets of plastics, everything made in the UK, 1000 licenced games, delivery to backers before retail.

So the good news is that we're progressing rapidly towards our estimated delivery of April 2018.

The sun may not be shining today, but this is still a very happy Vega+ Monday.

— Retro Computers Ltd (update 82)

The RCL video features a mould manufacturing machine with an LKM logo on it. A keen observer finds that LKM stands for Lung Kee Group, and is a Hong Kong company. An almost identical video to the RCL "Hollywood video" is found featuring the same LKM machine producing moulds in China:

Lee Fogarty posts on facebook and implies Codemasters games were due to be on the Vega+ (by including their games Seymour and Dizzy) but that Lee doubts RCL has contacted them a second time:

Lying Lee Fogarty

Lee Fogarty If they make the SD printed one I saw, it's almost exactly what Rick designed. The one people have played was close too. Rick has briefly seen the old design and didn't look too impressed. As for the games - it comes out, you'll be pleased with the list we managed to pull together. That is assuming RCL actually made 2nd contact with anyone. I know one major company that has titles denied on WoS were interested in talking to RCL but last I heard no contact had been made. I can't say who at the moment, but if they've actually taken up the offer, you could seymore games on the system to make you dizzy. But don't hold your breath that RCL actually bothered to speak to them...

— Lee Fogarty

Lee Fogarty says Codemasters games might have been on the Vega+

Brian Cooper finally receives a refund after asking more than 120 times:

Miracles can happen…I have just been refunded.

All it took was over 120 refund requests, a number of complaints to Indiegogo and the filing of cases with the Information Commissioner (data protection) and Action Fraud (potential loss of financial data) to finally get my refund.

Keep at it, all those who are still seeking a refund. It’s not easy, but you can succeed.

Good luck to all those still seeking refunds, and fingers crossed for those still hoping they might eventually receive a Vega+

— Brian Cooper

Brian Cooper refunded

Tuesday 20th February, 2018

After receiving flak over the previous video, RCL call a backer "a wag" for daring to suggest that the video showed nothing and was made from stock footage. RCL release update 83 and upload a replacement video, hilariously called Copy of Copy of Big Boy Tools HD despite the footage not being high definition at all. The video currently has 10 likes and 35 dislikes, and all 10 comments on the video are negative.

Retro Computers Ltd

Big Boys Toys - Slowly Does It

So some wag suggested that our update yesterday was "stock-footage" and it wasn't showing manufacture of the ZXVega V2.

It has also been claimed this is in China - wrong.

Well SURPRISE here it is slowed down and minus the 80's graphics. We hope you can see the molds - 3 pieces in all their glory.

We will be posting more footage and some images of all 10,000 sets of plastics in all their shiny loveliness.

Happy Tuesday

— Retro Computers Ltd (update 83)

30 minutes later, RCL issue update 84 and yet another video, claiming the "HD footage" is from December 2017. Like the previous footage, the video Big Boys Toys No Filter HD is not high-definition at all, and the youtube video comments are all negative.

Retro Computers Ltd

Big Boys Toys - No Filter

So in summary; 10k sets of plastics, everything made in the UK, 1000 licenced games, delivery to backers before retail.

We'll shortly be publishing some images of all 10,000 sets of plastics in all their shiny loveliness.

— Retro Computers Ltd (update 84)

Lee Fogarty posts a list of problems with the Vega+ on facebook and suggesting he had provided solutions to most of them but RCL ignored him:

Lying Lee Fogarty

The software was a mess (installed Linux then didn't check to see if it worked properly before installing Fuse and not getting that working properly). It's been re-done but nobody has seen it. The last version we had, the keyboard/tv-out didn't work at all, and the on-screen keyboard only accepted a single keypress before closing. So yeah - text adventures are useless.

Assuming the keyboard now works, there's no reason for text adventures not to work. I gave instructions on how to set games for specific modes on selection so that the user doesn't have to - I doubt that will be implemented. The same was for setting the d-pad to Kempston if it was an option in the title.

There were save states implemented but it was buggy - the idea was there though.

So, the only thing on your "want" list that couldn't be done is touch-screen. And that was to save a few pence on cost (there's not that much price difference).

— Lee Fogarty

Lee Fogarty blames RCL

A member of the public discussion facebook group creates a comedic video showing various supposed updates that RCL have announced over the past 2 years. The backing track is the appropriately titiled "Tell me Lies" by Fleetwood Mac.


Wednesday 21st February, 2018

Paul Andrews posts on the public discussion facebook group to indicate that Indiegogo has removed his name from the Vega+ campaign and replaced it with Suzanne Martin. RCL illegally switched the name from "Suzanne Martin" to "PAUL ANDREWS" (in capital letters) more than a year ago and refused to change it despite multiple requests to both RCL and Indiegogo. The name change occurred late last night.

Paul Andrews

Thank you to everyone who informed me that my name had been wrongly posted out to backers as the current ZX Vega Plus campaign owner, (no need to do the whole story again but it had been changed from my name while there, to Suzanne Martin after we left, (not forgetting myself and Chris left before backer money was paid to RCL) and then someone changed it back from Suzanne Martin to my name in capitals). This has been like it for around the last year.

Indiegogo has now informed me it has now been changed back into the name of Suzanne Martin.

Thank you to Indiegogo, and you guys again.

— Paul Andrews

Suzanne Martin now campaign owner of the Vega+ debacle

Friday 23rd February, 2018

Recent events from the Vega+ are discussed on episode 7 of the ugvm podcast. The podcast mentions David Levy's no-show court excuse due to "trolls that might chop off his penis", the court case loss itself, David Levy's other role making sex dolls, the recent videos that feature stock footage manufacturing with 80s effects and Indiegogo's ultimatum to send in debt collectors to recover the money from RCL. Listen to just the Vega+ section from the podcast.

RCL continue to accuse backer Justin King of fraud, claiming Indiegogo and PayPal have been informed. Justin replies stating he has contacted PayPal who claim to know nothing about it at all.

Dear Indiegogo, I have been accused of FRAUD by whoever it is replying to my emails.
I’m not sure who as they refuse/ignore to give a name, even though I keep asking who it it I am talking with.

Their exact words were…

“Justin you have made fraudulent requests for money from multiple accounts we have reported this to Indiegogo and Paypal”

I have sent PayPal request for my refund to their personal emails. Each time clearly stating the order number 1386 and the details of the refund.

I have spoken with PayPal and they know nothing of this. I have messaged you (Indiegogo) too, but no reply as of yet. Please advise, have I been reported by RCL? RCL say my order is on hold? What does this mean? No info of this on my order details in my account. Can I have my money back? What is with these allegations? Do I need a solicitor? Regards Justin King

— Justin King

Justin King accused of fraud but PayPal know nothing about it

PCube's Andy Pearson replies to a message about stocking the Vega+, but admits they have had no information about the release date. Despite a shipping date of approximately one month away, RCL have no PEGI rating, box art, games list or proof of manufacturing to go with the lack of release date: 

Hi Chris

We remain the Exclusive Worldwide distributor for the product and it is still on our release schedule - with no specific date. As far as we are aware, this project is still happening.

We look forward to your order in the near future and thank you for your interest in the product.

— Andy Pearson

PCube are still hopeful of the Vega+ coming out but no release date

Wednesday 28th February, 2018

Backer Graham Kenny posts a reply from the Solicitors Regulation Authority indicating that they are making good progress and hope to have a more authoritative update by April 30th 2018. (Graham Kenny is a backer and has an order number for his Vega+ but his Indiegogo account was frozen on February 2nd, 2018).

SRA investigation aiming for detailed update by April 30th 2018

Friday 2nd March, 2018

RCL report the @dnewbyuk twitter account and the account is suspended. The last tweet posted before the account is suspended shows an image called "David Levy World's Biggest Liar". 

David Levy World's biggest liar tweet

Saturday 3rd March, 2018

The @smehtin twitter account is suspended.


Sunday 4th March, 2018

Guru Larry's latest video mentions the Vega+ during a segment discussing Jim Bagley while comparing the Spectrum Next to the Vega+. At 12:24 in the video 5 Angry Programmers (Game Developers) Who Hated Their Own Games, the commentary states "He [Jim Bagley] is involved with the ZX Spectrum Next console... you know, not the scammy one" and then showing Larry pointing at a Vega+ prototype:

Guru Larry mentions the Spectrum Next is not a scammy project unlike the Vega+

Tuesday 6th March, 2018

A member of the public discussion facebook group posts to show that asking RCL questions via their facebook page results in the question being deleted and a ban from posting

I posted a comment today on RCLs page asking as it's 1 month to go would there next update be something like a pallet of vega's, box art or a release date..

And had post removed within 2 hours and blocked from posting.

Obviously asking a legitimate question like the above is now considered trolling, bit like how we harass the store staff by given them money and expecting something petty like goods received.

— Chris

Asking RCL questions via facebook means deletion and blocked from posting

Wednesday 7th March, 2018

A tweet from Twitter user The Whinja Ninja is reposted for the third time after RCL attempt to censor the internet yet again. The tweet shows Suzanne Martin with a bucket of KFC and the words "liar" and "thief" on the sides.


Thursday 8th March, 2018

Retro Computers Limited change their registered office to 5 Technology Park, Colindeep Lane, Colindale, London, United Kingdom, NW9 6BX.

Retro Computers Ltd address change with accounts still overdue and a hefty fine

Ping Pong Studios also change their registered office to the same address.

The Anon y Mouse twitter account advises anyone taking David Levy/RCL to small claims court to send documents to the new address:

Twitter user Isofarro posts an image showing court documents can be served on RCL at the previous address for a period of 14 days:


Saturday 10th March, 2018

The @LevySexRobot twitter account is suspended.

Two articles appear on the Real Crooks blog:

  1. Quotes about David Neil Laurence Levy - Self Proclaimed Genius?
  2. Ironic Quotes made by David Levy about others – mirroring his own actions, or supporting vile views?

Sunday 11th March, 2018

A new article appears on the Real Crooks blog, this time called David Neil Laurence Levy - Supports Paedophiles? Condones the use of child sex robots? The article contains RCL director David Levy's failed attempts at multiple sex robot conferences including being thrown out of Malaysia by the chief of police and threatened with arrest if he persisted and having to move the UK convention to a secret location after claiming he was in danger by terrorists. The article also contains links to various articles where David Levy supports giving paedophiles access to child sex robots.


Monday 12th March, 2018

Gareth Corfield publishes an article called Your manhood is safe, judge tells ZX Spectrum reboot boss. The article details David Levy losing his appeal against the court case he lost after a no-show in court using the excuse that trolls were going to chop his cock off. Highlights from the article:

  • Ailing ZX Spectrum reboot firm Retro Computers Ltd has had its appeal against a county court judgment in Luton, UK rejected, with the judge telling chairman Dr David Levy that his no-show in the dock over troll fears was unfounded.
  • In a ruling last week, Senior Circuit Judge Melissa Clarke refused permission for Levy, acting on behalf of RCL, to appeal against the judgment, which ordered RCL to refund aggrieved customer Rob Morton who had paid money on crowd funding site Indiegogo to reserve an RCL-made gaming device in February 2016.
  • Summarily dismissing RCL's appeal on Wednesday, 7 March, Judge Clarke noted in a written ruling that Levy had "failed to attend the trial....the application is totally without merit and the appellant may not request the decision to refuse permission to appeal to be reconsidered at a hearing."
  • In court filings where Levy tried to excuse himself for not attending the original county court hearing in Luton in Bedfordshire – north-northwest of London – he had quoted a pseudonymous Twitter account, claiming the operator of it had threatened to have his "cock chopped off".
  • In fact the tweet in question was part of a surreal conversation about Levy and the court case.
  • Circuit Judge Clarke ruled: "The appellant's concern for their own safety should not prevent them from attending trial in a court protected by security and there is in any event no evidence they were in threat of physical danger."

Friday 16th March, 2018

Former backer Rob Morton posts on the public discussion facebook group to say that RCL have paid the remaining £429 that he was awarded by the court:

Hi Everyone. I'd like to report that, following the loss of Levy's appeal against the verdict of my Small Claims Court case, RCL have paid up in full!  :D So, while I'm going to continue to monitor this situation, contribute to this group and support my fellow backers when possible, my personal involvement with RCL is, hopefully, at an end. :D I hope this news encourages others to seek the refunds they deserve.

I've just sent RCL the following e-mail:

Mr David Levy, Director
Retro Computers Limited
5 Technology Park
Colindeep Lane, Colindale
London, NW9 6BX

16th March 2018

RE: Small Claims Track case D8QZ7X6E

Dear Mr Levy,

Thank you for settling the outstanding payment required after losing your appeal against the decision in my favour. I can now confirm that I have received £584 from you, made up of two separate amounts: £155 on the 30th January 2018 and £429 on the 14th March 2018.

Please note that I shall be following your personal and company announcements very carefully to ensure that should you discuss this case at any point, you do not say, state, write or imply anything that is untrue, unfair, derogatory or libellous against me. You have lost this case, and have no further right to appeal. You settled this case fully after your defence was carefully considered by the court. You chose not to attend the hearing for reasons the appeal judge deemed wholly without merit. You lost the case because, as the judge stated, you failed to adhere to the Consumer Rights Act 2015 after establishing a formal contract of sale with me. Please be advised that should you indicate you lost for any other reason, such a statement would be false.

Should you lie or otherwise obfuscate the truth about this case, I will consider that a serious slight on my personality and good character, and will not hesitate to take additional legal action against you personally. The courts take a dim view of such behaviour and I am sure you would not wish to find yourself further indebted to me.

If you wish to write a press release about your company’s absolute loss in court, I would be more than happy to review it prior to publication should you wish to ensure you are not at risk of such legal action as referred to above.

Thank you once again for settling your outstanding debt to me; let us hope that you do not accrue any further such costs.

Yours sincerely,

Rob Morton

— Rob Morton

Monday 19th March, 2018

A new twitter account called Aaron E Mowse tweets regarding the suspension of the Anon Y Mouse account:


Thursday 22nd March, 2018

George Cropper releases a new video called THE VEGA+ V2 - DEAD MAN WALKING?

A backer notices that the twitter account Aaron E Mowse has been suspended. A backup of the account from March 19th contains 5 tweets, including why the Anon y Mouse was originally suspended.


Friday 23rd March, 2018

Gareth Corfield publishes an article called Ex-ZX Spectrum reboot man threatens sueball over unpaid invoices. Highlights of the article:

  • Yet more financial claims are piling up against failing ZX Spectrum Vega Plus firm Retro Computers Ltd, with the company's former web fixer threatening to sue over allegedly unpaid invoices.
  • One-time contractor Lee Fogarty, who performed a range of roles including web dev and organiser of product testing, has told The Register that he intends to sue RCL over £599 of unpaid invoices.
  • Fogarty showed The Register a copy of a letter he sent to RCL chairman Dr David Levy, headed "Final letter before commencing legal action". The sum due was broken down as £500 for the original, overdue, invoice with the rest being accrued interest.
  • "I may also commence insolvency proceedings," warned Fogarty in his letter, adding to us that the invoice related to "consultancy" work.
  • On behalf of RCL, Levy told El Reg: "Far from owing Lee Fogarty money, RCL paid Lee in advance for work he has either not delivered or was not of an acceptable commercial standard. He received £14,000 from RCL and we have nothing useful to show for it."
  • RCL's chairman also alleged that Fogarty had "defaced" the firm's website after his departure.
  • The Companies House listing for RCL shows that its accounts are nearly two months late, having been due on 31 January 2018.

David Levy's reply to The Register all but confirms that the leaked bank statements from 2017 are real when he admits that £14,000 was paid to Lee. This figure is the same as what Lee has previously stated he received and also matches the figure on the bank statements.

George Cropper releases his 42nd video on the Vega+ debacle, this time called THE VEGA+ - SUED BY FORMER EMPLOYEE ??


Saturday 24th March, 2018

Lee Fogarty posts on the Indiegogo campaign:

Lying Lee Fogarty

If there are any backers that have genuinely started court proceedings and need a witness statement and supporting evidence from the software consultant, you know where to find me. I will also try as much as possible to attend court if required.

Please try to keep it relevant as I have a *lot* of documents that will be on a case by case basis. Mostly they will show ignored advice and requests to update backers, and follow a pattern but every case will be different.

— Lee Fogarty

Lee Fogarty offers witness statement to people taking David Levy/RCL to court

A new twitter account called @RealFogartyLee appears and also tweets a similar message (backup available):


Latest Funky Spectrum RCL Videos

Confirmation of the shilling that went on from certain individuals during this absolute scandal. What a disgrace!

Well it seems justice has prevailed for once and no surprises there to be honest what a ridiculous bit of behaviour !

Indiegogo Campaign

"Our Indiegogo campaign is to raise funds to manufacture the first 2,500 or more units of the Vega+ in the UK, and to prepare us for the second production run."

— RCL (15/02/2016)

Vega+ Status

  • All refunds processed:
  • Roll of honour email:
  • Address confirmation:
  • Battery specification:
  • PEGI certification:
  • Final specs released:
  • Games list released:
  • Finished box design:
  • Manual released:
  • Working website:
  • Final devices made: 0
  • Small claims victories: 0
  • Prototypes made: ~100-200