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  • 8 weeks from August 9th (October 4th, 2017)
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Tuesday 2nd October, 2018

The Solicitors Regulation Authority posts an update:

Solicitors Regulation Authority

Following our email of 01 May 2018, I am writing to provide a further update in relation to your report to us.

As you know from my previous email, we had made enquiries with Michelmores and Teacher Stern. We have received a wealth of information which we are continuing to carefully consider.

Whilst we have made good progress, I will be in a better position to provide more clarity on our next steps by 30 November 2018. If I am able to do before this date, I will do so.

Thank you for your patience while we continue to investigate your concerns.

Yours sincerely

Investigation Officer
Investigation and Supervision

— Solicitors Regulation Authority

4th October, 2018

The Vega+ Refund Request Team posts an update stating that the registered offices for RCL are now returning all legal paperwork unopened:

Update: Figured backers may also find the following link useful


Hi Folks,

We have been made aware that small claim cases against RCL in which people make their claim, and the courts send the paperwork to ask the defendants (in this case RCL) to their registered offices. The registered offices for RCL are in fact those of their accountants Grunbergs (also the registered offices of the companies now run by the ex director of RCL - Suzanne Martin - Ping Pong Studios Ltd & Primate Ltd). It has been confirmed to us by those making the small claims against RCL that they have been informed by the court that the documents sent to RCL to that address are being returned unopened back to the courts. This would seem to indicate RCL is no longer even attempting to defend refund cases. Not forgetting the only case they did defend that of Rob Morton they lost. Since then two further default judgements have been awarded against RCL in the matter of backer refunds (we presume those awards are being pursued by the backers for collection). We can also confirm that at least four small claims are in progress that we are even aware of. Should at some point in the near future RCL be found to be currently or has been run insolvent, there is a potential for the current remaining director and the two who resigned recently to be held personally liable and debts of the company be liable to be repaid by them. We have also been made aware several of those people have substantial property assets. I am sure you don't need to be made aware that court awarded debts (such as those made by a small claims court) receive their money higher up the pecking order. We will let you all make up your own minds what actions to potentially make based on this knowledge. To be clear the refund team and other third parties are still working hard to help all backers. But you do also have the option of helping yourselves as well.

— The Vega+ Refund Request Team

Saturday 6th October, 2018

Backer Stephen Storr posts information about the bailiffs attempting to contact RCL at their registered offices as well as David Levy's personal address:

Stephen Storr bailiffs attempting to contact David Levy at RCL

Sunday 7th October, 2018

A new section called Where are they now has been added, starting with missing person DC Daniel Levy.


Monday 8th October, 2018

A shareholders meeting takes place with the main point of order being to remove David Levy as director.


Wednesday 10th October, 2018

Darren Melbourne posts a small update on the facebook group:

Darren Melbourne

Good morning all, I realise that everyone involved in this debacle has fallen silent of late. This is due to legal technicalities and as such all parties are restricted as to what they can and can't say. If I were a betting man I would anticipate an interesting update on either Friday (12th) or Monday (15th). This enforced silence is frustrating but sadly necessary at this time...........

— Darren Melbourne

Thursday 11th October, 2018

A new leak is added showing that Vertex Moulding Ltd have been trying to track down RCL for an update on the Vega+, as they are sitting on strange quantities of moulding components with a promise of future orders.


Friday 12th October, 2018

Darren Melbourne posts a small update on the facebook group:

Darren Melbourne

Unlike RCL's "We can't say anything for legal reasons" which was complete and utter bullshit at all times, I understand this current enforced silence has been requested by the court.

Whilst cases are 'live' and still being heard it's been requested that neither side speaks on social media about anything that could have a reflection or influence on proceedings.

I'm sure usual service will be resumed in the very near future but for now, just keep the faith. A lot is happening in the background, and that sooner or later the BBC and many others will undoubtedly be covering this.........

— Darren Melbourne

Thursday 18th October, 2018

Backer Stephen Storr posts an update about a letter from the court:

Another letter from the court...since I gave the Baliffs / Sheriffs Mr Levys' private address and contact number. They require another £33 in order to pay him another visit. Am I throwing good money after bad ? Certainly feels like it. - JUST TO CONFIRM THIS IS MY OWN PRIVATE SMALL CLAIM AGAINST RCL (TO RECOVER COSTS OF 3 DEVICES AND MOUNTING LEGAL COSTS). THIS ACTION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OTHER ONGOING LEGAL ACTION THAT MAY BE HAPPENING.

— Stephen Storr

Saturday 20th October, 2018

On Twitter, long-time RCL supporter Jonathan Cauldwell claims that he was doing what was right in spite of fierce opposition:


Sunday 21st October, 2018

A new leak is added showing David Levy reported Lee Fogarty to the cyber crime unit and the metropolitan police in 2017 for hacking, doxxing, obtaining confidential information and threats. The leak also shows that Retro Computers Ltd paid for a CCTV system, a gate, lights and other security measures at Lee Fogarty's girlfriend's house in Nottingham.


Wednesday 24th October, 2018

The ZX Vega+ refunds site now shows 633 backers have requested refunds totalling £72085.


Friday 26th October, 2018

The RCL website hosted at retro.business goes offline, with a message greeting visitors stating "Website Expired. This account has expired. If you are the site owner, click below to login."

RCL website retro.business showing it has expired due to an unpaid account

Monday 29th October, 2018

Head of the Advances in Computer Entertainment (ACE) Technology committee Adrian Cheok has a meltdown on Twitter after various members of academia speak out about how it is being run. Cheok's decision to merge David Levy's Love and Sex with Robots convention into the ACE 2018 convention along with the inclusion of Steve Bannon (the right-wing White House Chief Strategist for Trump) as the keynote speaker leads to the #BoycottACE hashtag.


Thursday 1st November, 2018

Leif Oppermann uploads various documents showing David Levy sent false evidence/witness statements to the ACE committee.


Friday 2nd November, 2018

A new section is added to the website called ACE disgrace, containing decoded versions of the files uploaded yesterday to Twitter.

The RCL website hosted at retro.business is re-activated, but the shop no longer has any products for sale.


Monday 5th November, 2018

Gareth Corfield releases an article on The Register called ZX Spectrum reboot scandal man sits on Steve Bannon design tech shindig committee. Highlights of the article:

  • Wired magazine published a querulous article asking why Bannon had been invited to speak at the Advances in Computer Entertainment 2018 conference, noting that organiser Adrian Cheok had merged ACE2018 with another conference he runs: the International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots.
  • Curiously, that is also the title of a book written by Levy, who sits on ACE’s organising committee. That fact has not gone unnoticed by the crowd who funded Levy’s last commercial venture, the ZX Spectrum Vega+ handheld gaming console. They flooded ACE’s Facebook page with outrage at his appointment to the ACE committee in August.
  • Levy’s company, Retro Computers Ltd, took £513,000 in crowdfunded cash from 4,500 members of the public a few years ago to build modern, handheld versions of the old Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Levy is RCL's chairman. A small number of devices in what appeared to be prototype format were eventually delivered, with the company ignoring the majority of those demanding their money back. One sued RCL; and won; others are waiting patiently for their £105 per device to be refunded to them.
  • Indiegogo, the crowdfunding platform which enabled all this, has seemingly turned its back on the whole scandal after some vague words about retaining debt collectors. It has issued no updates about progress on recovering the monies, and its last involvement with the project was to contradict (on 5 July 2018) claims by RCL that Indiegogo itself had been hacked.
  • We have asked Levy to comment on both his involvement with ACE and Steve Bannon, as well as the status of RCL and the Vega+. He has, however, been uncommunicative since the summer.

Janko Mrsic-Flogel, the illegally installed now ex-director of RCL, sets up yet another Indiegogo campaign, this time for the Cosmo Communicator. Crowdfunding company Indiegogo claim that campaigners may not setup any further campaigns if an existing campaign has failed, however the Vega+ has not delivered and there are many unhappy people with his second campaign for the Gemini PDA.


Thursday 8th November, 2018

Companies House now shows that as of Friday the 2nd of November, Paul Andrews and Chris Smith return as directors of Retro Computers Ltd.

Jan Saggiori posts the following in the democracy facebook group:

Beige jacketed cloud headed fraudster David Levy

Retro Computers Limited

We have today been made aware that Christopher Smith and Paul Andrews have unlawfully registered themselves as Directors of Retro Computers at Companies House.

They were not appointed by the board. - I am the sole director and founder of Retro Computers Limited. Andrews and Smith threatened to take this illegal action at a shareholders meeting last Friday 2nd November 2018, and have done so even though I advised them that it would be illegal. They seek to rely on the company's shareholders agreement which was repudiated at the time of their resignations in April 2016. Christopher Smith has also confirmed via his lawyers that he agrees that the agreement is repudiated and therefore no longer in place.

This conduct is the latest in a long line of abuses which have been designed to bring about the demise of Retro Computers Ltd,

Due to ongoing criminal investigations, I will not be commenting further.

Dvaid Levy
[Chairman - Retro Computers Ltd]

— David Levy

Jan Saggiori posts David Levy's lies in the democracy facebook group

Friday 9th November, 2018

Paul Andrews posts a response to David Levy's inaccurate statement in the Backers Collective Legal Action facebook group:

Paul Andrews

Retro Computers Limited

In response to the inaccurate statement made yesterday by our fellow director of Retro Computers Limited (Dvaid Levy), we are compelled to issue a further company statement.

The shareholders meeting of all four shareholders in Retro Computers Limited (that being Sinclair Research Ltd, Paul Andrews, Chris Smith, and David Levy), took place on Friday the 2nd of November 2018. This meeting was recorded with the consent and knowledge of all parties. Mr Levy confirmed to the shareholders multiple issues with the company which meant we were compelled to act, (and as is our legal right) reinstall ourselves as directors in the company as Mr Levy was either unwilling or unable to carry out the tasks needed to be done unaided. We will now take all steps required under the law to deal with these company matters. These reappointments were done with the support of 75% of the shareholders (that being ourselves and Sinclair Research Ltd) and also on the basis of legal counsel being taken from multiple firms. For clarity Chris Smith did not repudiate the shareholders agreement, Mr Levy is referring to an IP issue, and neither Sinclair Research Ltd, nor Paul Andrews at any time repudiated the shareholders agreement, in fact it is the position of all shareholders and our legal counsel (other than David Levy) that the shareholders agreement has always been in force.

For further clarity David Levy did not found the company, Chris Smith did (as public records show), and David Levy has been making unproven claims of criminal investigations to the press for over two years.

We are unable to make any further comments on any related matters currently.

Paul Andrews and Chris Smith

[Directors - Retro Computers Limited]

— Paul Andrews

Gareth Corfield publishes an article in The Register called ZX Spectrum reboot scandal firm's original directors rejoin (And the chairman is Not Happy At All about that). Highlights of the article:

  • The times, they are a-changin' at flailing ZX Spectrum reboot biz Retro Computers Ltd as two of the firm's original directors have rejoined it – with a furious chairman insisting this is "illegal".
  • Paul Andrews and founder Chris Smith rejoined the company earlier this week, according to filings made at Companies House that recorded their appointments – which were made with the support of Sinclair Research Ltd, Sir Clive's corporate shareholder in the firm.
  • This means RCL now has three directors: Andrews and Smith, and chairman David Levy. This is significant because it means Levy, a controversial figure in the Vega+ debacle, which has smacked the Sinclair brand hard, is now outnumbered on his own company's board. If he is outnumbered, he can be outvoted – meaning RCL's internal accounts and other paperwork can be brought to public light.
  • It appears that Andrews and Smith, who are both shareholders in RCL, used the firm's shareholder agreement – a legally binding document – to appoint themselves as directors. We understand that each RCL shareholder has the right to appoint one director as their representative.
  • Regular readers know all too well the saga of RCL's ZX Spectrum Vega+ product, which raised £513k in Indiegogo payments from 4,500 members of the public. The company failed to deliver the handheld gaming console for two years, with rumours going around that the money had instead been spent on legal fees and personal remuneration. A relatively small number of consoles were eventually delivered earlier this year, and in our view were exceptionally poorly designed and manufactured.
  • The RCL Vega+ scandal is an important one because, possibly for the first time, a case involving large sums of money intended for a crowdfunded product is being pursued to the bitter end, instead of everyone walking away and the obvious questions going unanswered.
  • In response to the Companies House filings, Levy sent us a statement accusing Andrews and Smith of acting unlawfully – Levy also claimed that he was the founder of RCL; something seemingly refuted by the firm's earliest filings with Companies House in January 2014: the date of Levy's first recorded involvement with the firm (PDF) appears to be as a director in November 2014.
  • Levy also claimed there is an "ongoing criminal investigation", a claim that we've heard a few times from more than one party during this saga. It was not clear from his statement who is supposedly one under investigation.
  • In response to Levy, Andrews and Smith sent us their own joint statement in which they revealed that Sinclair Research Ltd appears to be back on their side.
  • The two said that Smith had not repudiated the shareholders' agreement, adding that Levy was referring to a different agreement relating to intellectual property: "In fact it is the position of all shareholders (other than David Levy) that the shareholders' agreement has always been in force."
  • RCL's four shareholders are Andrews, Smith, Levy and Sinclair Research Ltd (SRL). SRL itself has swung back and forth between the two warring camps of Levy and Andrews & Smith, having notably abstained from a key boardroom vote a few months ago.

George Cropper releases a video called THE VEGA+ - NEW DIRECTORS INSTALLED that discusses the latest few months of non-development and mentions the shilling done by both Jonathan Cauldwell and Lee Fogarty.


Monday 12th November, 2018

Companies House shows that as of the 2nd of November, Paul Andrews and Chris Smith have been removed as directors.

Paul Andrews and Chris Smith removed as directors

In response, Paul Andrews posts in the facebook group:

Paul Andrews

Chaps - we won't comment for obvious reasons, to be clear myself and chris are legally directors, no matter how many times our names are added/removed from companies house. Hope that clears that up.

— Paul Andrews

Wednesday 14th November, 2018

Adrian Cheok and David Levy's ACE 2018 conference has been shut down. The ACE 2018 website now shows an image of Nazi soldiers burning flags and a rant about a supposed anti-free speech mob.


Saturday 17th November, 2018

Jonathan Cauldwell deletes a tweet where he claims in court he will say "M'lud, just send him down for as long as you can.":

Cauldwell in court deleted tweet

Jonathan also tweeted that he will not be requesting the money he is owed by RCL for now:


Friday 23rd November, 2018

After posting about the imminent arrests of various trolls, Jonathan Cauldwell tweets claiming to have secret information that he cannot post about in public for the time being:


Friday 30th November, 2018

Janko Mrsic-Flogel's company Private Planet submits a notice to wind up Retro Computers Ltd in an attempt to cover up and bury the last three years of embezzlement, mismanagement and avoiding paying debts.


Sunday 2nd December, 2018

Daniel Ibbertson aka DJ slope releases KickScammers: The VEGA+ Scandal on YouTube.

Daniel Ibbertson follows up the announcement video with various messages in the facebook group:

Thanks for sharing mate, already had some rather interesting responses from this. #WatchTheVideoWhilstYouCan

Basically for people interested I have been sent the following email from YouTube...

Dear Daniel Ibbertson,

This is to notify you that we have received a privacy complaint from an individual regarding your content:



The information reported as violating privacy is at 8_43, 12_49, 23_42

The rest of the email is standard fair, saying I have 48 hours to rectify this before YouTube themselves look into it. Obviously the email does not say who made the complaint. but I have a hunch looking at the time stamps

never had anything like this before. all i know is its a "privacy complaint" https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7671399

— Daniel Ibbertson DJ Slope

The timestamps mentioned in the privacy violation notice Daniel provided all reference Lee Fogarty.


Monday 3rd December, 2018

DJ Slope tweets that due to the privacy complaint sent by Lee Fogarty, the video will be deleted at midday on Tuesday the 4th December:


Tuesday 4th December, 2018

Jonathan Cauldwell deletes his twitter account @ZXSpectrumDev.

Daniel Ibbertson takes down the Vega+ video due to Lee Fogarty's privacy complaint. A note is posted on his YouTube community channel stating that the video will be edited and re-uploaded under Larry Bundy Jr's account within a few days.

Hello all.

Firstly, I just want to say a massive thanks to everyone that has shared the VEGA+ video. It's done better than I expected and I have had almost nothing but positive feedback from you all :)

Kieren (Lairds Lair) and I have made something extra special here. It's such an awesome feeling, again, a big thank you.

So, why am I deleting it? Well, a video like this was always gonna cause a little controversy and about 30 minutes after it went live I got a privacy complaint from an unknown individual. The time stamps given all show the same person and I was asked to fix it within 48 hours or YouTube will step in to asses the situation.

This wound me up because even if I did blur out this persons face, it would had still been pretty obvious who it was. In my opinion the whole thing was a scare tactic in hope that the video will be removed from my (almost) 100,000 subscriber Channel...

...And I'm gonna do just that! Remove it from a 100K channel and re-upload it onto a channel 3x my size :P "Hello You"

I need to make a small edit (as I forgot to give credit to ThatRetroVideoGamer) and it will then be re-uploaded.

Again, a big thank you all for your support, when you see the video pop up again (probably within the next day or 2) please continue being awesome and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE.

Mucho Love

— Daniel Ibbertson DJ Slope

Steve Bannon's debate at the University of Montana is cancelled, leaving David Levy and Adrian Cheok's sex robot conferences in tatters.


Thursday 6th December, 2018

Preston Thomas tweets a facebook messenger exchange he had with Jonathan Cauldwell the previous day where Jonathan stated that he was leaving the scene:

Jonathan Cauldwell

I've kept you as a friend along with a few other retro folks but have culled about 800 on here. I'm leaving the scene but don't really want to talk about it if that's okay. Good luck. :)

— Jonathan Cauldwell

Saturday 8th December, 2018

The Vega+ KickScammers video has been re-uploaded to YouTube after the privacy violation complaint from Lee Fogarty caused the original to be removed after 48 hours. The new video has some minor changes compared to the original.

Steve Bannon's cancelled appearance at David Levy and Adrian Cheok's conferences "Advancement of Computer Entertainment (ACE)" and the "Congress on Love and Sex with Robots" are mocked on popular US TV show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. In a segment starting at 1 minute and 4 seconds called "I did not see that coming", Stephen Colbert pokes fun at Steve Bannon's cancelled speech at both events at the University of Montana.


Sunday 16th December, 2018

Darren Melbourne posts on facebook to confirm that Jonathan Cauldwell has left the ZX Spectrum scene. Cauldwell had stated last year that he would write all 1000 games for the Vega+ and quit if it didn't come out:

Darren Melbourne

I've recently had some communication with Jonathan Cauldwell who has confirmed to me that he has now left the Spectrum 'scene' and doesn't intend to return. Whilst Jonathan doesn't actually confirm why he has left the 'scene' or indeed apologise for backing RCL he has been true to his word......:eventually!! When I questioned Jonathan about the Vega+ he replied that he was sick of hearing about it and would be happy to 'never mention the Vega+ on social media again'! He also gave me permission to pass this onto any 'trolls' as he's sick of bickering with them! As I'm not sure I know any trolls I just thought I would post it here and bring everyone up to speed!

— Darren Melbourne

Monday 17th December, 2018

Backer Jason Brooks posts in the facebook group to say he has won a small claims case against Indiegogo over the Vega+ scam:

Hello Everyone, I've been a tad silent of late due to legal reasons. Just to let you know, On 3rd December 2018 I won a Small Claims default judgement against IndieGoGo in respect to the ZXVega+, although IGG didn't show to put up a defence, a legal argument was made in respect to the 2015 Consumer Rights Act which the court ruled on, if you haven't already, please register a refund request here https://clivehelpus.website/refund

I'm hoping this paves the way for other backers to try and get their money back from this debacle and put an end to it, so please consider raising your own Small Claims in order to try and get your money back!

— Jason Brooks

Jason Brooks small claims win against indiegogo

The Vega+ Refunds site tweets about a possible class action against Indiegogo:

Within a few hours, more than 50 people vote that they are interested in a class action on the poll.


Thursday 20th December, 2018

The SRA send out, then attempt to recall the following letter detailing their reasons they are not investigating the actions of lawfirms Teacher Stern and Michelmores:

Solicitors Regulation Authority

Our ref: ######
Your ref: ######

To be opened by addressee only 

By email only: ######

20 December 2018

Dear ###,

Your report about Teacher Stern LLP and Michelmores LLP

Further to my email dated 2 October 2018, I am writing to provide you with an update in relation to our investigation.

The summary of your concerns

In your complaint dated 26 October 2017, it was your view that:

  • we should investigate the conduct of Teacher Stern LLP ("Teacher Stern") and Michelmores LLP ("Michelmores") because RCL had a Shareholders Agreement in place that contained a provision prohibiting it from commencing "the prosecution or defence of any legal or arbitration proceedings other than routine debt collection" without the prior written consent of at least three of the shareholders; and
  • Teacher Stern and Michelmores had accepted monies from RCL knowingly in breach of the Shareholders Agreement and "in the full knowledge that they were being paid with money that was in trust for the production of ZX Vega+" 

Our investigation

I have carefully considered all the information you provided with your complaint.

I also received and reviewed several exchanges of correspondence with both Teacher Stern and Michelmores relating to our investigation.

The scope of our investigation

Our regulatory role is to set the ethical and professional standards with which solicitors must adhere and to ensure that there is no ongoing risk to the public or to the reputation of the profession in them continuing to practise.

Our role is not to determine whether the Shareholders Agreement was valid at the time Teacher Stern and Michelmores acted for RCL, or indeed whether the Shareholders Agreement continues to be valid. Whether or not the Shareholders Agreement is valid is a matter for the courts to determine.

Our decision

We have carefully considered your complaint as well as the information and evidence provided by both firms. We have decided to take no further action for the following reasons.

Both firms confirmed that they acted for RCL and that they were instructed by Mr Levy in his capacity as a director and shareholder of RCL.

Both firms became aware of the Shareholders Agreement during the process of accepting instructions to act for RCL and were informed at the time by Mr Levy, Ms Martin and Mr Mrsic-Flogel (directors of RCL at the time) that the Shareholders Agreement was no longer valid. This was due to repudiatory breaches of the Agreement by two other shareholders, which RCL had accepted thereby bringing the Agreement to an end.

This position was further confirmed in a letter from Pictons Solicitors LLP, sent to Teacher Stern LLP on behalf of Mr Chris Smith dated 17 June 2016. In this letter Mr Smith confirms that he believes that RCL was in fundamental breach of the Shareholders Agreement and the breach was such that it amounted to a repudiation of the Agreement, which Mr Smith had accepted. In the same letter, Mr Smith concluded that "the agreement was therefore cancelled/avoided and is of no force and effect". Both Teacher Stern and Michelmores provided copies of this letter to us.

Furthermore, both firms carried out their own independent assessment of the validity of the Agreement and have taken legal advice. As a result, both firms concluded that the Agreement was not valid, and advised their client accordingly.

In those circumstances, even if incorrect in that assessment, there is nothing improper or unethical in the firms proceeding to act for RCL.

In respect of the allegation that the firms accepted funds from RCL, when they knew the funds were held on trust by RCL to produce ZX Vega+, the firms confirmed that the nature of their instructions had nothing to do with the crowd funding campaign and at no time during the period they acted for RCL, were they ever instructed in connection with the crowd funding campaign. Therefore, the firms are not aware of the terms of the campaign or the claims that the funds may have been held on trust. We have considered this information and have concluded that Teacher Stern and Michelmores were entitled to accept payment for the legal services they provided to their client in these circumstances. Any issues related to the alleged misuse of the funds by the directors of RCL must be addressed with them directly.

We understand that the dispute in respect of the validity of the Shareholders Agreement is ongoing. It is our view that the firms have reasonably considered this aspect before accepting instructions from their clients. If after careful consideration, the firms took a reasonable view that the Shareholders Agreement was no longer valid, thereby permitting them to act, this does not constitute professional misconduct even if this is later found to be incorrect.

Whilst I appreciate this may not be the outcome you wanted, I hope you are reassured by the steps we have taken to investigate your concerns.
Your complaint about the firms will remain on our system so that if others raise similar concerns in the future, we can take any relevant history or patterns of behaviour into consideration.

Thank you for taking the time to report your concerns to us and for assisting with our 

Yours sincerely

Investigation Officer

— Solicitors Regulation Authority

SRA response to dodgy lawfirms Teacher Stern and Michelmores p1

SRA response to dodgy lawfirms Teacher Stern and Michelmores p2

SRA response to dodgy lawfirms Teacher Stern and Michelmores p3

Paul Andrews posts the following response on the facebook group:

Paul Andrews

SRA Letter 20th December 2018

Like many of you I too received correspondence from the SRA today. We do not agree with the decision they have come to, and we will be appealing this decision based on the response from the SRA having asked the process to do so.

We have been asked to raise the matter with the line manager of the person doing the original investigation, which we will of course. We will follow this process and if we are not satisfied we will then move to ask the independent third party as is our right, to take it further still.

I believe this option would be open to anyone who has made a similar complaint and is unhappy also.

We believe in our opinion (and that of two different law firms) this is an incorrect decision, it has not looked at all the facts and has 100% misunderstood and misquoted (in our opinion) the letters from Chris Smith via our lawyers in the matter of the shareholders agreement. Categorically the shareholders agreement was not repudiated by us. Categorically 75% of the shareholders (all of them apart from David Levy) confirm the shareholders agreement cannot and has not been repudiated. We have also now resent (this afternoon) the appropriate letters/correspondence to the SRA in this matter, and we also took advice from our lawyers before this response/message to you all.

We are also bringing to the SRA's attention other associated matters which we feel have not been taken into consideration despite them being highlighted to them prior to today.

We will not comment further in this matter currently, but we will use the mechanism as above, as all parties have the option of, by asking to escalate it with the original investigator at the SRA, and this then being referred to their line manager.

— Paul Andrews

Friday 28th December, 2018

A new leak is added showing that a semi-working prototype was passed around and around by Suzanne Martin in a bid to try to convince backers and creditors that at that point in time they had a working model. 

Latest Funky Spectrum RCL Videos

Confirmation of the shilling that went on from certain individuals during this absolute scandal. What a disgrace!

Well it seems justice has prevailed for once and no surprises there to be honest what a ridiculous bit of behaviour !

Indiegogo Campaign

"Our Indiegogo campaign is to raise funds to manufacture the first 2,500 or more units of the Vega+ in the UK, and to prepare us for the second production run."

— RCL (15/02/2016)

Vega+ Status

  • All refunds processed:
  • Roll of honour email:
  • Address confirmation:
  • Battery specification:
  • PEGI certification:
  • Final specs released:
  • Games list released:
  • Finished box design:
  • Manual released:
  • Working website:
  • Final devices made: 0
  • Small claims victories: 0
  • Prototypes made: ~100-200