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  • 8 weeks from August 9th (October 4th, 2017)
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  • May 31st 2018 (Indiegogo deadline)
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Campaign Owner

Suzanne Martin and David Levy try to frame Paul Andrews with Indiegogo, and refuse to have Suzanne Martin listed as the campaign owner. Indiegogo are not fooled by them.

Levy and Martin refuse to change campaign owner to Suzanne Martin p1

Levy and Martin refuse to change campaign owner to Suzanne Martin p2

Levy and Martin refuse to change campaign owner to Suzanne Martin p3

Levy and Martin refuse to change campaign owner to Suzanne Martin p4

Levy and Martin refuse to change campaign owner to Suzanne Martin p5

Levy and Martin refuse to change campaign owner to Suzanne Martin p6

Text version

Kerry Barker <kerry.barker@indiegogo.com>
To:David Levy
Cc:Suzanne Martin,Michele Husak
Feb 21 at 8:25 PM
Hi David, Suzanne,

I'm including our Head of Comms, Michele Husak, here. Thank you for your email and additional background. I'll respond inline -


On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 6:59 AM, David Levy <davidlevylondon@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hi Kerry,

May I first introduce myself. I am one of the founding shareholders and directors of Retro Computers Limited, and am the Chairman of the company.

I am au fait with your discussions with our Managing Director Suzanne Martin and am writing to you following your recent exchange of emails and telephone conversations with Suzanne.

The matters of most immediate concern to our company are these:

[1] There appears to be a bug in Indiegogo’s software which has been there at least since November 2016, which allows backers who have already been refunded to continue posting on our campaign page, contrary to Indiego’s own rules. This has been pointed out to you by Suzanne on various occasions but still does not appear to have been fixed. This bug, surely, is easy to fix. We cannot understand why Indiegogo has not done so, and the damage to our company caused as a result of this bug has been and continues to be extremely severe. We now require you to fix this problem and to remove all such postings by refunded backers, all within the next 7 days.

I recently found out from our Product team that this is not a bug, and was expected behaviour. I am separately working with our teams to update this, as it is something we do expect for all campaigns. It is being added to our roadmap (it is not a simple fix). We will not be taking such action with the next 7days, including removing postings - our team has removed hundreds of comments; those that violate our Terms of Use. As you are aware, your campaign (with close to 5000) backers has almost 15,000 comments. Many of which are requesting refunds. As I see those that are considered spam or violate our ToU, these are removed.

[2] There appears to be at least one other bug in Indigogo’s software, which started to affect our company in early 2017 when Indiegogo changed its system software. The problems caused by that bug include Indiegogo losing payment data to the extent that our company has not received the all the In-Demand pledges due from the period January-February 2017. Again, this has been pointed out to Indiegogo more than once and we are awaiting your response regarding those funds, which you indicate below you are working on.

There was a not a bug in our system - the campaign was put on hold. My understanding is that we currently have less can £2000, which we are working to reimburse. I will send more information as I get it from our Payments team.

[3] The question as to who is the "Campaign Owner" of our company’s Vega+ campaign apears to be mired in confusion at Indiegogo’s end. The funds were always being raised on behalf of Retro Computers Limited, and the person who designated himself "Campaign Owner" when setting up the campaign was our company’s former Managing Director, Paul Andrews, who was and still is a 25% shareholder in the company. Mr Andrews remained as Managing Director throughout the campaign and until 12 days after it ended on March 27th 2016 (he resigned as a director of the company on April 8th).

We can understand that Mr Andrews no longer wishes to be known as the Campaign Owner of the Vega+ campaign. Since resigning his directorship he has sought to damage the company in various ways, including instigating and managaing an online campaign of harassment and intimidation against the company and its current directors, contacting the company’s trading partners in attempts to dissuade them from working with the company towards the manufacture of the Vega+, and depriving the company of its own Intellectual Property which had, prior to the launch of the Indiegogo campaign, been developed ready for production. But the fact that Mr Andrews has been damaging the company, does not mean that he has no more responsibilty towards Indiegogo and the backers of our campaign. Quite the contrary. Mr Andrews should have been, and should still be, refraining from any activity which could damage our company’s chances of being able to deliver the Vega+ to our backers. By taking a unilateral decision to remove Mr Andrews’s name from the Campaign Owner label, Indigogo is giving him tacit approval for his actions, and thereby making life even more difficult for Retro Computers Limited than it already was. By resigning as a director of the company Mr Andrews could not just walk away from his responsibilities as the person who set up the Indiegogo campaign and encouraged backers to pledge for the Vega+.

Removing Mr Andrews’s name is one problem caused by Indiegogo’s unilateral decision.

Another highly damaging unilateral decision from Indiegogo has been to append Suzanne Martin’s name to the Campaign Owner label. Ms Martin is not and has never been an employee of Retro Computers Ltd, nor a shareholder. Throughout the time of the Indiegogo Vega+ campaign she was the company’s public relations operative, working for the company on a freelance basis. It was only after the campaign ended, and Mr Andrews had resigned as a director of the company, that Ms Martin was appointed Managing Director. As such there is no way that the title of Campaign Owner could have legally belonged to her, she has not consented and does not consent to holding that title, and the company most certainly does not accept that she has been, at any time, or is currently, the Campaign Owner. We therefore insist that you remove her name from the Campaign Owner label. If Indiegogo refuses to reapply Mr Andrews’s name to the Camapign Owner label then the company itself should be so named, but the company allows this without prejudice to our position that it is Mr Andrews and not the company who should continue to bear the label Campaign owner.

The question is not about who initially created the campaign, but who is running the campaign now. The person who is posting updates, working to fulfill the campaign, owns the data and correspondence is, respectfully, Suzanne (as assigned Managing Director). One does not have to be a stakeholder of a company to be the Campaign Owner. Please note that it is a requirement, legally and per our Terms of Use, that an individual be listed as the Campaign Owner. If it is not Suzanne, please let me know it is. Again, Paul Andrews, as you stated, resigned and has no access to the campaign, and is not responsible for communication or fulfilling on behalf of the campaign as it stands now, and since 2016. This is not because Paul Andrews 'no longer wishes' to be known as Campaign Owner, but because he factually isn't and, as a legal and company matter, the campaign owner responsible for the fulfillment (with access to everything) must be accurately reflected.

If Suzanne is not to be listed as the Campaign Owner, please provide me with the name and information of the person who is. This has to be someone who has access to the campaign and is working to fulfill and manage this campaign. In the meantime, please do not keep changing the Campaign Owner name, otherwise we will have to take remedial action to prevent this from happening, which will prevent certain access to the campaign.

Mr Andrews has already taken to social media to accuse Ms Martin of fraud. I am sending you, in parallel with this email, screen grabs of his latest postings.

I'm sorry to hear this, but we can't get involved with this. Suzanne and Paul Andrews are accusing each other publicly of things I am not privy to, nor can I intervene.

Kindly provide us with copies of any and all emails between Indiegogo and Mr Andrews regarding the Vega+ campaign since the date of his resignation as a director of our company (April 8th 2016), and we expect you to preserve for legal purposes all such email correspondence as well as any recordings made by Indiegogo of telephone conversations with Mr Andrews relating to the Vega+ campaign.

As I'm sure you understand, we are not in a position to share any correspondence between other parties, for privacy and legal reasons. I hope we can continue to work together amicably, and that we are not put in a position to mediate between you and Paul Andrews (something we absolutely cannot do).

Please let me know if you have additional questions or concerns.

We reserve all our rights in this matter.

I look forward to your comments.

Kind regards,

David Levy
[Chairman - Retro Computers Limited]


From: Suzanne Martin<suzannemartin@ protonmail.com>
Date: On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 11:47 pm
Subject: Fwd: Re: Campaign Owner for Vega+
To: Kerry Barker <kerry.barker@indiegogo.com>


We only consent to this being in the Company name. This has and will cause us yet more damage and I ask that you hold off until we discuss it legally and internally.

I am not the campaign owner and explicitly do not consent.

Furthermore we require you to remove all abusive, defamatory and or libel comments from the platform.

And all comments which were made after backers were refunded in accordance with your own rules.

These comments are not "lost " nothing is lost on the internet and we therefore require them to be removed within 7 days. We will work with you to identify the accounts which are currently breaking the law but these must be deleted. The bug was first highlighted in November 2016 and has caused us considerable loss and damage since that date.

Suzanne Martin


Sent from ProtonMail Mobile

On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 11:37 pm, Kerry Barker <kerry.barker@indiegogo.com> wrote:

Hi Suzanne,

I made the change based on advice from our legal counsel. You don’t need to be a shareholder to be the Campaign Owner; if you are responsible for the emails, backer information and fulfillment, you are effectively the Campaign Owner. The former campaign owner no longer has access to anything related to the campaign, so cannot be listed as such.

I will follow up ASAP re: funds and refunded backers.


On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 3:26 PM, Suzanne Martin <suzannemartin@protonmail.com> wrote:

Secondly this constitutes a contract and I am not the person who created this contract and you cannot retrospectively change that.

I am not even a shareholder and again I do not consent

Please also advise what is happening with the lost funds? And when you expect the bug regarding refunded backers to be fixed.

Thank you

Suzanne Martin

Sent from ProtonMail Mobile

On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 11:15 pm, Suzanne Martin <suzannemartin@protonmail.com> wrote:


Before you do that I need to take further advice. Please leave it as it is until I have a chance to tomorrow. This bug has caused us an enormous grief and caused us damage by Andrews actions as he has used this to cause us damage

I do not consent to this change.

Suzanne Martin

Sent from ProtonMail Mobile

On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 9:57 pm, Kerry Barker <kerry.barker@indiegogo.com> wrote:

Hi Suzanne,

I spoke with our legal counsel this morning and, as you have full control over the campaign and backer info and emails, are posting updates and will be working to fulfill the campaign, we do need to update the Campaign Owner information to you. I will do so later this afternoon. Let me know how things are going in the meantime.


Kerry Barker
Head of Trust & Safety

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Confirmation of the shilling that went on from certain individuals during this absolute scandal. What a disgrace!

Well it seems justice has prevailed for once and no surprises there to be honest what a ridiculous bit of behaviour !

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