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Vega+ Shipping Dates

  • End of September 2016
  • October 2016
  • In time for Xmas 2016
  • February 2017
  • A "few weeks" from March 10th 2017
  • Summer 2017
  • 8 weeks from August 9th (October 4th, 2017)
  • Mid October 2017
  • April 2018
  • May 8th - 12th 2018
  • May 12th 2018
  • May 31st 2018 (Indiegogo deadline)
  • June 15th 2018
  • July 6th 2018

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Secret Recording

Shortly after Paul Andrews and Chris Smith resigned as directors of RCL in April 2016, Suzanne Martin and David Levy invited Nick Cooper to meet them at the Champagne bar in St Pancras railway station in London. Little did Cooper know that Martin and Levy were secretly recording the meeting, hoping to use something he might say against him later.

Trying to gain his trust with small talk, they attempt to get him to incriminate himself or others with their weasel words. For example, they try to see if Cooper had paid RCL money to Andrews or a company of Andrews. Cooper clearly states this has never happened, yet Suzanne Martin later claims to police and in court documents that Cooper had stated he had given Andrews money.

RCL failed to mention to Nick Cooper that they no longer own the IP for the Vega and when he finds out, he refuses to hand over the sales income until the IP dispute is resolved between RCL and Smith. At that point, RCL unlawfully breaks the Cooper/RCL sales agreement.

These transcripts also show the manipulation of Suzanne Martin to try to control the narrative, and also "muscle in" on the day-to-day workings of the sales agent.

Leaked bank statements show transcription company changes but as Suzanne Martin has a habit of recording people without their knowledge, it's unclear which payments are for which transcripts. Suzanne Martin has secretly recorded many meetings and phone calls without the knowledge or consent of her partners in crime.


Individuals walk to meeting

Nick Cooper: Hello.

David Levy: David Levy.

Suzanne Martin: Hi, I'm Suzanne.

Nick Cooper: Where would you like to sit, here or?

David Levy: Let's go and get a coffee here.

Nick Cooper: It's not too cold?

Suzanne Martin: Actually it's quite warm out here. Shall we go

David Levy: This one here?

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

David Levy: It's just a test.

Station announcement

David Levy: That's a security announcement actually. It's a coded security announcement.

Nick Cooper: Sorry, but I've never, never been to this station.

Suzanne Martin: Really?

Nick Cooper: Never been to St Pancras.

Suzanne Martin: Oh, it's actually quite lovely sitting here.

David Levy: Even the clock is lovely.

Nick Cooper: I'm a Tunbridge Wells boy myself normally, I'm down at Canvey at the moment but I, my

Suzanne Martin: Camberley?

Nick Cooper: Canvey Island.

Suzanne Martin: Canvey Island, oh OK.

Nick Cooper: My family are all, all in Tunbridge Wells, so, no, we don't, we don't get to London as often as I'd like.

Suzanne Martin: Oh, how did you come in?

Nick Cooper: By train, just

Suzanne Martin: OK, what to Liverpool Street or?

Nick Cooper: No, to West Ham and then got, got a train from there.

Suzanne Martin: Oh OK.

Nick Cooper: So how are we?

David Levy: Very, very well.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, we're good. We're really good in fact, getting there.

Nick Cooper: Busy ...?

Suzanne Martin: Yes, yeah, yeah, in fact we're pretty good I think.

David Levy: Yeah, we're very happy. This is our business card.

Nick Cooper: Oh, thank you very much. I'm just having mine updated because I've just literally moved my offices.

David Levy: OK.

Nick Cooper: So I'm, I'm in the process of moving those over.

Suzanne Martin: Because you were in Tunbridge Wells, weren't you?

Nick Cooper: Yeah, we, our head office is at my, my, my previous residence but I'm not with my wife anymore, so, so

Suzanne Martin: Right OK.

Nick Cooper: And she's decided that that's it, she's selling the house and, and your office has got to go, so

David Levy: It happens.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

Nick Cooper: It does but when you've built a self contained office in your garden and, you know, and everything has been there for like eight years it's, it's, you know.

David Levy: Nice place Tunbridge Wells.

Nick Cooper: I love, I do like it, I mean it's

David Levy: We've got some very good friends down there and we go and see them quite often at their house.

Suzanne Martin: It's very pretty, isn't it?

David Levy: It's really pretty.

Nick Cooper: It's a, unfortunately it's a very expensive area.

David Levy: I know, our friends live in a private road and all the people there are ...

Nick Cooper: Yes.

David Levy: Some of the houses are phenomenal.

Nick Cooper: It's scary. I mean you can't, you can't get a three bedroom house down there for less than £350,000, £400,000 now.

Suzanne Martin: Really?

Nick Cooper: Yes, it's lunacy. Absolute lunacy.

Suzanne Martin: That's amazing.

Nick Cooper: So where are you from? Whereabouts are you, you

Suzanne Martin: Well I, I was London based up until fairly recently and now I'm in Kent, I split my time backwards and forwards all the time.

Nick Cooper: Are you down, down by the coast?

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, down, I am on the coast but it's, you know, it's an hour, it's really easy to get into town.

David Levy: And I'm London based and I'm, and, and I'm in ...

Nick Cooper: Is that easy for you?

David Levy: Yeah, very easy.

Nick Cooper: You wouldn't want to get out of London and

David Levy: Never.

Suzanne Martin: No, never.

David Levy: No, no, I love, I adore London and I'm very, I'm a great fan of classical music, so I go to the Concert Hall 50 or 60 times a year.

Waitress: Are you OK?

David Levy: Yeah, we will be, we will be wanting to give you an order, what would you like?

Nick Cooper: I would love a latte if that's OK.

Waitress: Sorry?

Nick Cooper: A latte.

Waitress: Latte?

Nick Cooper: Yes, please.

Suzanne Martin: Can I get a, an English breakfast tea?

Waitress: English breakfast tea.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

David Levy: Can I have a sparkling mineral water with ice and lemon, please?

Waitress: Yes, sure.

Suzanne Martin: I mean I don't find it too bad ... crawl out of bed at 5 , go and walk the dog on the beach to get into town but, you know, you get used to it and the upside is I get to be on the beach in the morning, so I'm not really complaining.

Nick Cooper: Right, I'm a, I'm a Portsmouth boy at heart and lived on Hayling Island for, for many years, so I know exactly where you're coming from.

Suzanne Martin: Yes, yeah.

Nick Cooper: But you can't, you can't beat the smell and the noise of London.

David Levy: Well, no, I understand that, it's just that, you know, I'm a Londoner, I was born in London and I've lived in London for most of my life and I just love it and I love what it has to offer and I wouldn't, I wouldn't go and live anywhere else in the world except perhaps Manhattan but

Suzanne Martin: Yes, Manhattan that's my ...

Nick Cooper: For me it's, for me it's Vegas probably.

Suzanne Martin: Really, Vegas?

Nick Cooper: Yeah, Vegas or LA.

David Levy: Really?

Nick Cooper: Yes, just, just because it's just nonstop, 24 hours a day seven days a week.

David Levy: Yeah.

Suzanne Martin: Actually I don't think LA is 24 hours a day, it's that kind of, they, they finish early, I mean they go back to ... early, an early doors place.

Nick Cooper: I don't want to go there then.

Suzanne Martin: No, you don't want to go there.

David Levy: I don't, I don't like the way

Suzanne Martin: It's definitely an early, no, I

Nick Cooper: I've never done New York. I'd love to go to New York.

Suzanne Martin: New York's fantastic.

David Levy: Oh, New York is the place. You must go to New York.

Suzanne Martin: It's, yeah.

David Levy: It's absolutely the place.

Suzanne Martin: Definitely ... as well, I mean you'll just fall in love with it ... it's amazing, everything really is.

Nick Cooper: Well with six kids it's very difficult.

Suzanne Martin: Six?

Nick Cooper: Yes.

David Levy: Well don't take them.

Nick Cooper: No, well, you know.

David Levy: It'd be expensive, I took mine, I took mine one at a time.

Nick Cooper: Well I'd like

Suzanne Martin: But Alastair loves it, doesn't he?

David Levy: Oh yeah, well we, we had a very funny experience, we went, I took ... when he was nine and I took him to Disneyworld and then we spent two days in New York and we were walking down one of the streets in New York and we were stopped by a television ... who wanted ... in the space and ... in space, so ... and he said something like, I hope you're having a good time out there, why don't you come and visit us? The next morning I wake up and under the door of my hotel room they'd put the newspaper USA TODAY, the biggest newspaper in the country, and I start looking at it and on the front page there's a thing saying, I hope you're having a good time out there, why don't you come and visit us, said Alastair Levy aged 9, a tourist from London.

Suzanne Martin: Oh, how sweet.

David Levy: I've still got that somewhere.

Suzanne Martin: That's really lovely.

David Levy: And my cousin who lives in New York was furious, he said, I've been living here all my life, I've never once been mentioned in a single newspaper.

Nick Cooper: That's always the way though, isn't it? You need, you need a PR person really, don't you?

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

David Levy: Well we have a PR person now but we didn't have one then.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

Nick Cooper: So with regards to you and Retro Computers you are now in, you've always been Chairman I understand that.

David Levy: I've always been Chairman, Suzanne is the Managing Director. We've got Janko Mrsic-Flogel who is a top flight techy guy, he's

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, he's so good.

Nick Cooper: Is he good?

David Levy: He's ... very good ... technically.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

David Levy: It's, I don't know if you've seen his biography. It's been in the, in ... places.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

David Levy: He runs various things from Imperial College.

Nick Cooper: Right.

David Levy: He spent most of his life at Imperial College, he was an undergraduate there, he did his PhD there, was on the staff there, and now he's running companies from the incubator there.

Nick Cooper: Right.

David Levy: And he has a team of very, very high ability and programmers and engineers, I mean people at the level of ...

Nick Cooper: OK.

David Levy: He's got them coming out of his ears, so, you know, we're not worried on that score. And Janko is actually very well connected at the senior management level of all of the high tech companies in the world.

Suzanne Martin: He can see everybody.

David Levy: You know, he can, he can phone and get an appointment with, you know, anybody he wants to, you know, Atari, Facebook, Twitter, anybody.

Suzanne Martin: Anybody he can phone up and because of what he does elsewhere and he gets the CEO and not everybody gets them, they'll see him, so that, you know, for us

David Levy: He's fantastic.

Suzanne Martin: We're very, very excited.

David Levy: So we're actually now much stronger than we were before

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

David Levy: Because Suzanne has been ... Suzanne has been, she's, she's run companies before much bigger than any of the four ... has run and is much better at it.

Suzanne Martin: And I've got a lot more international experience, I've worked all over the world so, you know, New York, Australia, Moscow, I've worked in India, so

Nick Cooper: You've been around.

David Levy: So we, we

Nick Cooper: Not, not ...

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, kettle, yeah.

David Levy: So we're actually much stronger now than we were.

Suzanne Martin: We are and we're a lot better connected because of that, so.

Nick Cooper: Yes.

David Levy: And we've got, now we've got a load of money in the bank from the Indiegogo, Indiegogo campaign and we've got, we've got a backer if we need any more, so we're in really good shape.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

David Levy: So what we've got to do obviously, you know, the situation with Paul and Chris is very unfortunate but we, you know, we're sorting out the mess, everything is

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, well it's bumpy and it's been bumpy but the bumps are opening out to be honest and we're not worried.

David Levy: Yeah.

Nick Cooper: The website's back? You've got the website back?

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, we've got the website back.

David Levy: We've got the website back, back up, we've got the same, the original URL.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, which we purchased over a year ago, so

David Levy: Yeah.

Suzanne Martin: Anyway these things happen.

David Levy: So things are moving forward and of course we were delighted to get your email of support because you're in part of our jigsaw.

Nick Cooper: I mean, David, David, at the end of the day I've worked in the entertainment industry for years now, we, prior to Cornerstone I worked for the biggest UK wholesaler of entertainment products.

David Levy: Who's that?

Nick Cooper: ... for over, for over 18 years.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

David Levy: Yeah.

Nick Cooper: Unfortunately for them they had a computer problem, they put in the computer system and didn't back it up and then the company went, yeah, but they'd been going over, well over 50 years and were well respected with a turnover of £50million plus a year.

David Levy: My God, incredible.

Nick Cooper: But the, I mean what, my job has always been the same, I mean even within their company we established independent labels, we

David Levy: Yeah.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

Nick Cooper: We created products for them, everything from screen design all the way through to the ... with the BDFC and we did all that and then I took it to market for them. That, I also did the same job and then unfortunately because the company went down I said, give me the ... the company and we just carry on.

Suzanne Martin: Because how long have you been on your own working?

Nick Cooper: Almost eight years.

Suzanne Martin: OK.

Nick Cooper: And done exceptionally well at it, I mean I, I love my job because it's, it's never the same every day and we've dealt with, we were the first to bring 3D products to the market and we were the first to bring ... to the market, we delivered every from kids' products all the way through to documentaries ... we have 3,500 DVD Blu-ray titles on the market.

Suzanne Martin: You have 3,500 DVD Blu-ray titles?

Nick Cooper: DVD Blu-ray titles to the market, yeah. We deal with about 90 labels from all over the world and

David Levy: And this is all based through Cornerstone?

Nick Cooper: All based through Cornerstone.

Suzanne Martin: What's your turnover?

Nick Cooper: My turnover last year was just over £1.2million. I mean that's, that, you've got to take into consideration that we are, we are based on commission so, so if we don't sell anything we don't get a penny.

Suzanne Martin: No.

Nick Cooper: So ultimately it's, it's in our interest to ensure that anything that we do as, as with your product, we sell, we get, we get coverage and make sure that not only that, we get it into places but we make sure that they sell it. Too many companies are lacking fuel for, put it all out to market, they'll spend thousands and thousands creating products and duplicating and everything else, manufacturing, and then it'll just sit there and it won't come back, which is what ... do. We ensure that we have a good relationship with all of our, all of our customers and we are opening doors at the moment obviously because of the advice and there are

Suzanne Martin: Well CMS got in touch, didn't they?

Nick Cooper: CMS, CMS have come, I love those guys there and we are working very closely with those at the moment because they are

Suzanne Martin: By we who do you mean we? Do you have a partner?

Nick Cooper: I have, I have a, I have another director who works with me as well who's

Suzanne Martin: Who's he?

Nick Cooper: Who's been working, who was actually a manager for NatWest Bank for 40 plus years.

Suzanne Martin: OK.

Nick Cooper: So he is my money man.

Suzanne Martin: Oh, I see.

Nick Cooper: He keeps me grounded, as well as my father but, you know, let's not, let's not go there. When I say we I always, always say Cornerstone is a we more so than as an I.

Suzanne Martin: No, no, no, it's all right, it's just good to know who else there is on the team that's all.

Nick Cooper: We do, we do also have, we do also retain, I have the services of other salespeople as well, so I can if necessary bring people on board.

Suzanne Martin: Roll up if needed.

Nick Cooper: Absolutely.

Suzanne Martin: OK.

Nick Cooper: But our job is, is ...

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

Nick Cooper: More

Suzanne Martin: What other kind of products have you got? What others have you got? I mean just because we've got more business interests that, you know, might be of interest to you but what other stuff, sort of stuff do you do? You say entertainment but in the broadest terms, I mean just like DVDs and videos?

Nick Cooper: We do, well we have, we have previously done, done anything from Stanley knives through to, to sharpeners through to torches. I mean we, we have the facilities with Cinram and other companies to, to distribute anything, anything possible with the

Suzanne Martin: OK, so you would also have ... do you?

Nick Cooper: We have, we had ... for two years, prior to that we used Gem, Gem Logistics but Gem recently decided they no longer, they're not going to be doing distribution ... so ... similar, there were similarissues that they have access to all of, most of the supermarkets,they are ... anyway and they are already established as a major for the producers.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

Nick Cooper: They're not going to, they're not going to go down tomorrow. But there are others, other avenues if you decide to move from Cinram and go

Suzanne Martin: Oh no, no, we're not thinking, we're not thinking of doing it, are we, we're just

Nick Cooper: But the customer base with Cinram is, is there already established, so it's not as hard as it would be to go to, to somebody else and then set up accounts again and, because we deal with, you know, all the big boys anyway, everything, everybody from HMV to Amazon we could pick up the phone tomorrow and get

Suzanne Martin: How is it going with HMV?

Nick Cooper: HMV they lost, I'll be very honest with you they lost me half a million pounds when they went down.

Suzanne Martin: Right OK, it's just it's on the list as one of the leads, so

Nick Cooper: HMV in relation to the, the original Vega

Suzanne Martin: Yes.

Nick Cooper: They weren't interested, they said it was too specialist for them because it was, because it was a plug in. Now obviously a hand held is ...

David Levy: Yeah.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

Nick Cooper: And I'm getting this from a lot of people, a lot of people have said, you know, I'm pleased to see it coming out, it's too late in the day and we were trying to sell them in October, November, Christmas is done and dusted, forget it till next year, to, to now everybody saying, we want that new Vega, we want the Vega+ now, now, now, now.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

Nick Cooper: As you know, it's

Suzanne Martin: I know, I mean we need to get into them now, we know that.

Nick Cooper: Yeah, absolutely, which is one of the reasons why we, we can't delay much longer with

Suzanne Martin: We can't delay at all, can we?

Nick Cooper: No.

Suzanne Martin: No.

Nick Cooper: The, the, you've got the ... fantastic ... the response was amazing.

Suzanne Martin: Oh no, incredible, I mean their pickup media wise was phenomenal.

Nick Cooper: Yeah.

Suzanne Martin: Absolutely phenomenal, where probably ... campaigns that they've ever had and also from that we can see exactly who's purchased, where they've purchased from, so we can see the other territories that are, you know, potentials moving forward.

Nick Cooper: And they stay with us ... that's ...

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

Nick Cooper: You've only got to look at South Africa.

David Levy: Yeah, what's happening in South Africa then?

Nick Cooper: I'm in contact with their board of directors at the moment because in order to, to secure South Africa you have secure an exclusive deal for ... they don't want to ...

David Levy: No, that's understandable.

Nick Cooper: I spent, I spent two weeks actually writing up an exclusive contract for them, for us.

David Levy: Yeah, I mean we haven't seen any documentation.

Suzanne Martin: We've got no documentation, so whether

Nick Cooper: Well Paul won't, Paul won't receive it because the contact will be with Cornerstone, it's an exclusive deal with us directly.

Suzanne Martin: Except we don't have, the contract doesn't cover South Africa, so we need to

Nick Cooper: I have, I have email correspondence from him, when South Africa came on board I have email correspondence asking all that information asking us to, to deal with, with the sales. I think ... is not a problem at all.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, we, we really need some paperwork.

Nick Cooper: Yeah, no, that's

Suzanne Martin: To cover you

Nick Cooper: Oh no, absolutely.

Suzanne Martin: As much as anything, I mean I'm quite worried about the situation with, you know, so we need to sort of fix all that, don't we?

Nick Cooper: I mean ultimately at the end of the day regardless of, of the financial side the most important thing is the console does well, wherever territory it goes

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

Nick Cooper: It's going to, it's going to build momentum and, and we know that ultimately the UK is going to be the starting point for it, we know that Sainsbury's are interested, they've already sent an email ...

Suzanne Martin: The same thing with Argos now, which would help.

Nick Cooper: Absolutely, no, Argos is ... as we know is not actively the most modern company in the world.

Suzanne Martin: ... because they use the, what is it, Cooper system?

Nick Cooper: Yeah, but they're, where everything else is concerned they're still back to writing cheques and sending cheques out.

Suzanne Martin: So we're, I mean I think reasonably we were expecting 60 days ...

David Levy: Yeah.

Suzanne Martin: And the first deliveries were the 11th January?

Nick Cooper: Yes, the, the invoice was dated the 11th January then they're 60 days from the end of the month, so the first cheque from, from Argos will be at the beginning of this month, so the next three days.

Suzanne Martin: So that's not 60 days that's not 90 days, that's 4 months.

David Levy: 60 days from the end of the month of the invoice?

Nick Cooper: No, the end of the month of the delivery but if you, when you process, put the actual invoice onto the computer they also changed the date as well.

Suzanne Martin: But they can't do that.

Nick Cooper: It's the way they work, it's their system.

Suzanne Martin: I know that system and ... so if you invoice

Nick Cooper: Yeah, we tried, we tried, honestly we tried where they're concerned. The good thing where Argos are concerned with CMS on board they are in there every single day, so we have got somebody in there supporting us every single day to make sure that that doesn't happen in the future.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, there's a, a login for the Cooper system that Paul ... is looking at and obviously I need that handed over for Paul's side of it because he's

Nick Cooper: Yeah.

Suzanne Martin: ... Managing Director, so we need to have the same access that he would have had.

Nick Cooper: Yeah, well Paul didn't have access because the, that was with Cornerstone.

Suzanne Martin: No, Paul says he did have, have access.

Nick Cooper: Did he have access?

Suzanne Martin: Yes, he did.

Nick Cooper: Did he?

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, we've got it in writing.

Nick Cooper: Can you, can you send me that contract because

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

Nick Cooper: I've got no, no correspondence in relation to him having access to Argos at all.

David Levy: Well he told us that he did.

Suzanne Martin: He told us he did.

David Levy: He told me verbally ... Cornerstone ...

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

Nick Cooper: Again I'll

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, I mean, you know

David Levy: We need that.

Suzanne Martin: We do need it.

David Levy: We need to be able to ...

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, so, also the payment we're expecting from Argos

David Levy: It's incredibly late.

Suzanne Martin: It is.

Nick Cooper: Tell me about it, because we can't, we can't claim any, any commission on the payment until you've received it so, so ultimately

David Levy: So how, I mean what's the reason why it's late? If you think, because 60 days from, if the delivery was ...

Suzanne Martin: Yes.

Nick Cooper: Yeah.

David Levy: When, and that was the date of the invoice?

Suzanne Martin: Yes.

Nick Cooper: Yes.

David Levy: So 60 days from the 11th January is

Nick Cooper: No, it won't, that won't be it, 60 days from the end of, end of January, ah, so the end of the month was 60 days.

David Levy: OK, 60 days from the end of January is approximately the end of March, it's the 30th March.

Nick Cooper: When I chased, I have chased it, I have chased it and it is, it's confirmed it is received.

Suzanne Martin: So you've done two invoices now, have you, or have you done, done more? I mean how many

Nick Cooper: Well we are in the process.

Suzanne Martin: How many units have Argos had?

Nick Cooper: Argos have had 800 units, they've queried, they've queried 100 I think or 150 saying that they haven't arrived, so we are, we're in the process of an investigation to check the stock levels at ...

Suzanne Martin: See I've got 900.

David Levy: They were given 900.

Nick Cooper: There's, there's two fifty invoices that have subsequently gone since the last, the last lot.

Suzanne Martin: There's 2, sorry, say that again, there's

Nick Cooper: Two due to be invoiced, two lots of fifty.

Suzanne Martin: So why haven't they been invoiced?

Nick Cooper: They are in the process of being invoiced.

Suzanne Martin: And what date did they take delivery?

Nick Cooper: The, I need confirmation of delivery in order to process the invoice.

Suzanne Martin: Isn't that part of the Cooper system, so that's, that's the 21st January?

Nick Cooper: No, well the Cooper system's, you keep, you refer to the Cooper system but

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, it is.

Nick Cooper: We don't even get the orders processed or sent to us on the Cooper system either. We're not actually receiving orders through the Cooper system.

Suzanne Martin: Well we should probably sit down and talk to Argos, I mean we can go together.

Nick Cooper: We are, we are already, we're doing that.

David Levy: We should have a meeting with Argos.

Suzanne Martin: We should have a meeting with Argos as soon as possible.

Nick Cooper: Well we are already doing that with Argos.

Suzanne Martin: No, I'm afraid we need to have a meeting with Argos.

David Levy: We need a meeting.

Nick Cooper: Well you have no, no, you are not contracted to Argos.

Suzanne Martin: I'm afraid we are.

Nick Cooper: I'm afraid you're not.

Suzanne Martin: Really?

Nick Cooper: Cornerstone Media has the contract with Argos. Our contact is with Argos, we are paying

Suzanne Martin: All your payments are supposed to go through Cinram, I don't understand.

Nick Cooper: No, where Argos are concerned all payments go, the payments for Argos come to Cornerstone because the contract is with Cornerstone because we have paid for, paid for the setting up of the account with Argos.

Suzanne Martin: What did Argos cost to set up?

Nick Cooper: About £4,000.

Suzanne Martin: Who authorised that £4,000?

Nick Cooper: Paul.

Suzanne Martin: OK, we need to be sent all the paperwork, I mean I'm not being difficult

Nick Cooper: No, no, no.

Suzanne Martin: It's just that there's such a hole.

David Levy: We're trying to organise things now.

Nick Cooper: I mean I understand that.

Suzanne Martin: We just need to, I'm really worried that you're not covered because

Nick Cooper: Well I'm, we're covered because

Suzanne Martin: I don't think you are, so just because there's such a hole in the paperwork with, you know, and then you might have some emails but they might not constitute a contract and we need to make sure that you are covered

Nick Cooper: OK, I understand.

Suzanne Martin: And you get your side of things because it's, we've seen, and it's great that you're doing what you're doing.

Nick Cooper: Well we don't, we don't believe anything

Suzanne Martin: And it's fantastic, so let's just really work together

Nick Cooper: Sure.

Suzanne Martin: To try and drill it down, I mean I am worried about Argos and I'm really sorry but we will be going to a meeting with Argos. That's really, really important. Paul went with you to a meeting, I'll be going with you and so will Dr Levy because that's going to happen, if it's OK for Paul to go it's certainly OK for me to go, so we need to sort that out.

Nick Cooper: Paul went originally to discuss them actually taking the product initially.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, but we still need to be involved.

David Levy: We have to be involved.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah we do. It's really important.

Nick Cooper: That's fine, that's not a problem, I mean the paperwork

Suzanne Martin: You'll have to bear with us, it's been so rocky sorting this out, you know, we need, you know, we need you to take us by the hand and make this all better.

Nick Cooper: That's absolutely fine, yeah, good point, yeah, no problem.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, OK?

David Levy: And, you know, there'll be other, other significant customers that we will want to go to meetings with as well.

Nick Cooper: OK.

Suzanne Martin; Yeah, I mean I've worked with Sainsbury's in the past on products, so, and it was on quite a bit of distribution with my old company, so I'm used to going in, and actually quite often I'll get rid of that four grand, you might not have to pay it because I'll present them with, which originally was the plan, I was going to go to that meeting when you went and the day before Paul told me not to go. And what I had prepared was a presentation which I've done for all sorts of people, Boots, Tescos, Sainsbury's, we presented them with the kind of media coverage that they're going to get. They waive those setup costs because they know they're going to get press coverage, you just put them as a preferred retailer.

Nick Cooper: Sure.

Suzanne Martin: So we really work with their in house PR and in house marketing, it saves you a fortune, we just, you wouldn't have had to pay that I can guarantee you, so I'm kind of used to doing that and we literally go in with a, like almost we ... the ... and say to them, right OK, this is what we've got

Nick Cooper: Yeah.

Suzanne Martin: This can be yours, don't, don't mess around charging us 200 quid for this and 500 quid for that

Nick Cooper: Yeah.

Suzanne Martin: Let's move forward, so for you it's, you know, it's a really easy way, it cuts that cost out the middle basically and it, you know, we, as we've proved in the past it also makes them really, really interested in the product because they get their sales, not just their sales, they get their PR people in

Nick Cooper: Sure.

Suzanne Martin: And I can work with them, you know, all day basically, so for them it becomes, you know, sort of hero product, so let's try and see if we can nurture that as well because I don't think the sales have been that great from Argos, certainly not the numbers that we were predicting.

Nick Cooper: No, they, they were forecasting between 3,000 and 4,000 in the initial period.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, 3,000 to 5,000 and

Nick Cooper: Yeah, the problem you have with that and they discussed this at the very beginning when we actually presented it to them was, was the, the, the purchasing price, the net price that they got something at.

Suzanne Martin: What price did you give it to them at?

Nick Cooper: It was too high. It was £50 less their terms, their trading terms.

Suzanne Martin: £50?

Nick Cooper: Less their trading terms.

Suzanne Martin: And what are their trading terms?

Nick Cooper: Their trading terms are, I can give you those, I can give you a breakdown of those as well as ... They take a retro discount of 4%, 2% for transformation discount.

Suzanne Martin: Say that again slowly, slowly.

Nick Cooper: They're taking 4%

Suzanne Martin: Argos 4%.

Nick Cooper: Retro discount.

Suzanne Martin: Sorry, let me just write this. Can you send me that?

Nick Cooper: Yeah, I, oh yeah.

Suzanne Martin: Argos is 4% less?

Nick Cooper: 2% transformation discount.

Suzanne Martin: What does that mean exactly?

Nick Cooper: The, they're, they're, they're initialising a new computer system in which they're charging all of their clients, all of the people that supply them 2%.

Suzanne Martin: That was a retrospective issue though, wasn't it?

Nick Cooper: Yeah.

Suzanne Martin: And so are they still carrying on with the 2%?

Nick Cooper: They get 4% marketing budget.

Suzanne Martin: 4% marketing, so is that a net or a gross figure?

Nick Cooper: That's, that's a, that's a net, so, so you're looking at a 10% discount total off of, off of their buying price, so their net buying price is £45.

Suzanne Martin: Forecast annual business, what is the forecast annual business on the Vega and the Vega+?

Nick Cooper: This is, the 25 was the initial that they came up with

Suzanne Martin: On the Vega?

Nick Cooper: Yes, on the Vega+ it hasn't been discussed because all they've seen is, is, they want it but without giving them any details on it.

Suzanne Martin: Well again that can be, we've been told by Paul, and it's in writing, that the Vega+ they want it for Christmas.

Nick Cooper: Yeah, they do but they can't, they can't put it into the system unless they've got information on it.

Suzanne Martin: Well we definitely need to be back in literally within days because we need to know what we're doing.

Nick Cooper: But in order to do so I need the information relating to the product.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, we'll have that.

Nick Cooper: Which we don't have at the moment, all I have is pat shots.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, tell me what else you've got for Vega, for the Argos deal, so I can ... on that.

Nick Cooper: It is, it's, basically it's 10%, so you've got 4%, 2% and a 4% so, so you're looking at

Suzanne Martin: Right, so you've got ...funding from ...

Nick Cooper: No, it's not.

Suzanne Martin: Oh, sorry.

Nick Cooper: That's, that's, sorry, it's my notes.

Suzanne Martin: Oh right.

Nick Cooper: 4%, 2%, 4% basically, so you're looking at 10% off of the £50 ...

David Levy: £50 ...

Nick Cooper: Yes.

David Levy: So the ... was the ... did you say that they can claim ...

Nick Cooper: They are, they're claiming that there was stock ... so that's, there is ... and we've requested Argos to ... as well, so ...

David Levy: OK, what is their reason for paying for the ... received ...

Nick Cooper: I chased, as I say I chased ... unable to ... no access to the system ... which again Paul is aware of.

Suzanne Martin: When did he get access to the system?

Nick Cooper: Without, without checking my diary I can't tell you the exact date.

Suzanne Martin: Can you find out and let me know?

Nick Cooper: Yeah, absolutely.

Suzanne Martin: I'll send you a list of questions afterwards.

Nick Cooper: Send me a list of questions.

David Levy: Yeah.

Suzanne Martin: That'll be really helpful. Do you have those?

Nick Cooper: Well you should have those anyway.

Suzanne Martin: No, but did you?

Nick Cooper: The only, the only ones that we will do outside of, outside of the Cinram business will be, would be, you would get all of the Cinram sales in relation to

Suzanne Martin: No, but we want from you, we need the sales report from Argos.

Nick Cooper: We can do that, we can do that, have that, you can that this afternoon.

David Levy: And all the other

Suzanne Martin: All the others

David Levy: All the others.

Suzanne Martin: With the cost of ... and all of the sales that we've had, you know I need to make it all marry up.

Nick Cooper: Yeah, no, that's absolutely fine ...

David Levy: Inaudible

Nick Cooper: Yes.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, I mean we'll get through this I promise you, we'll

David Levy: We'll going to install systems and we're going to be much more efficient than we were.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, yeah.

David Levy: Paul was very ...

Suzanne Martin: It's not the way I work, I mean like, you know, I've been quietly sort of this, the PR but my background is going in and sorting out things when things potentially go wrong, so I mean my plan is to fix it and make it much bigger than you ever imagined.

David Levy: And that's bigger for you as well because

Suzanne Martin: It'll be great because of course ...

Inaudible due to public announcement at train station

Suzanne Martin: So we do need to sight of the contract because

Nick Cooper: Yeah, no, absolutely, we can do that, yeah.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah? That's the other thing, OK.

David Levy: Have you, sorry, I'm sorry to keep harping on this, but what is the current status of your interaction with Argos about buying ...

Nick Cooper: We, as I say we spoke to them, we had access, we didn't get access to the Cooper system for almost a month, requesting, requesting, requesting.

Suzanne Martin: So you

Nick Cooper: You must understand, as you might know all this already, there are different departments within the different aspects of Argos, you may have one contact that at the end of the day when we went to the meeting with Paul they ... one thing to another department, to another department and another to do that. It took us almost three weeks to actually set up the original contract.

David Levy: We need to have a meeting with Argos next week.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah.

Nick Cooper: I can, I can try but you may not get ...

Suzanne Martin: We have to meet with Argos because it's one of our key sales partners.

Nick Cooper: It's my, can I, can I just clear this up

Suzanne Martin: It's ours.

Nick Cooper: It's not yours. You are, you have employed us as the sales agent, the contracts in relation to Argos are with Cornerstone.

Suzanne Martin: No, all your sales should go through Cinram. That's what the contract says.

Nick Cooper: No, no, the, the sales direct to Cinram, we go out and do the sales, the sale reports come to you from Cinram, the only thing that's shipped out to Cinram in relation to collecting money is done through Cinram, which is paid to you directly and then we claim the commissions directly with you for any sales through Cinram.

Suzanne Martin: 8% net?

Nick Cooper: Yes. But if you check, I mean you can check your accounts we haven't invoiced anything from January, February or March.

Suzanne Martin: No, we've got one invoice, we've got one payment but we've got no invoice for it.

Nick Cooper: I can find invoices for it for you.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, I've got one missing that

Nick Cooper: If I can check that, if I can

Suzanne Martin: I'll tell you which one it is.

Nick Cooper: Yeah, go for it.

Suzanne Martin: CS7000162, it's not a particularly big one, it's £638.25 but I don't have an invoice for it.

Nick Cooper: Sorry, CS7?

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, CS7000162.

Nick Cooper: I can do that. I'll have a look for that.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, we don't have it.

Nick Cooper: We sent them direct to Paul and Paul, Paul should have a copy of that.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, well we've got, you know, their account missing but the

Nick Cooper: I mean normally, I'll be very honest with you we don't normally discuss our customers with, with our buyers.

Suzanne Martin: With our customers, really?

Nick Cooper: Yes, absolutely.

Suzanne Martin: You're quite special.

Nick Cooper: No, no, not in that sense.

Suzanne Martin: Well that will be changing.

Nick Cooper: Not in that sense, what I mean by that is, because obviously, you know, we set up accounts and we set up sales etc and then, and then obviously in the future if we, we were to part it would give you direct access to everybody that we were dealing with.

Suzanne Martin: Well we've got no plans to do that, Nick, but we absolutely need to work closer, you've been happy to have Paul at meetings, you're going to have to be happy

Nick Cooper: Oh no, I am

Suzanne Martin: You've obviously got history and a friendship but you're going to

Nick Cooper: Well Paul I've known him for almost, almost 15 years.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, well you're going to have, if you want to know us for 15 years

Nick Cooper: No, now, please.

Suzanne Martin: We need to go to the meetings.

Nick Cooper: No, absolutely.

Suzanne Martin: So, yeah.

Nick Cooper: Well Paul's only been to one meeting with me and that was Argos.

Suzanne Martin: Right.

David Levy: Inaudible

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, trust me I'll save you money.

David Levy: And you'll make much more with us.

Suzanne Martin; You will.

David Levy: You really will.

Suzanne Martin: David's been selling products for years and I, you know, I

David Levy: And the, the contract we have with you it's ...

Nick Cooper: Yes.

David Levy: So that's all.

Nick Cooper: That's, that's in relation to accounts set up but the contract with, the account with Argos is not a Cinram account it's a Cornerstone account.

David Levy: OK, well could

Nick Cooper: I'll give it, David, let me explain

Suzanne Martin: I think we'll need to make sure that you're getting

Nick Cooper: Argos did not set up an account with Cinram for the simple reason that they refused to set up an account direct with Cinram.

Suzanne Martin: But the fulfilment is coming from Cinram so how does that work?

Nick Cooper: Oh, the fulfilment because, because they were, they wanted a media access in order to do that, which would have cost them anything between £6,000 and £10,000 to set up. There's only one other company that has media access directly with Argos and that's Universal through Cinram but that is a direct account with Universal and ... invoices are done from Universal direct to Argos ...

Suzanne Martin: Inaudible

Nick Cooper: It's, it's not, it's not done through Cinram, Cinram do notwrite money where Argos are concerned with anybody. We tried and if you speak to Paul you'll understand it.

David Levy: Well we're not speaking to Paul at the moment and I ... be speaking to Paul.

Nick Cooper: Right, I understands, so is it

Suzanne Martin: It's all quite serious.

Nick Cooper: Is it really that bad?

Suzanne Martin: Oh yes.

David Levy: It's very serious.

Suzanne Martin: I mean that, it is.

Nick Cooper: So it's not good?

Suzanne Martin: No, well we're fine.

David Levy: We're OK.

Suzanne Martin: We're fine but the

Nick Cooper: But I thought, I thought you guys were all friends.

David Levy: Well we were until the ... and then that friendship broke.

Nick Cooper: But don't, don't, don't you all own a percentage of the company?

Suzanne Martin: Yes.

David Levy: Yes, but it doesn't mean that we're, we're friends for life.

Nick Cooper: It's just such a shame because you were

Suzanne Martin: Absolutely.

David Levy: It is, it is, tell

Nick Cooper: It breaks my heart to think that you guys

David Levy: Tell, tell Paul about it.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, I mean we absolutely couldn't agree more with that sentiment, it is incredibly sad but I mean

David Levy: We had a wonderful thing going and understanding and because of greed ... this situation ... and having spoken to our lawyers ...

Suzanne Martin: And that's just crazy but, you know, on the upside

Nick Cooper: It's a shame. It's such a shame.

Suzanne Martin: But, you know, moving forward the team we've now got we'll be OK.

Nick Cooper: Oh no, absolutely.

Suzanne Martin: We'll be making a lot more.

David Levy: We're actually, we're going to be making much, much more and we've got wonderful plans coming out.

Suzanne Martin: But I mean really it's down to that, but that's why we need to get these nuts and bolts right.

David Levy: Now before we had one development person, Chris, and Chris was very bright and he was a great developer, he wasn't able by himself to do everything.

Suzanne Martin: No, we had to bring other people in.

David Levy: We had to, he had to bring

Nick Cooper: Really?

Suzanne Martin: Yes.

David Levy: Yeah.

Suzanne Martin: We paid a fortune because Chris couldn't deliver.

David Levy: My, my ... days were built on ... 33 years ... years, he had to do some of the hardware.

Suzanne Martin: We had to pay people in Germany

David Levy: Chris brought in some software people.

Suzanne Martin: To do stuff.

David Levy: Yeah, bring in somebody from Germany to do something about the ... chip we understand what to do, so he wasn't, he wasn't even able to do just one product single handed.

Suzanne Martin: And so of course

David Levy: We've now got a team now.

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, we've got a team.

David Levy: We've now, we've now got a team and they're very, very bright. They're all at this level.

Suzanne Martin: If not brighter, so

David Levy: So, you know, we are going to be much stronger going forward and

Suzanne Martin: And we're able to do things quicker, some of the delays that we had last year that, you know, ultimately had a knock on effect and, and, you know, that won't happen.

David Levy: I mean we were late for Christmas ... things done on time.

Nick Cooper: That, and that did break my heart because, because it was, it was get out by the summer and it was unfortunate ... and I felt guilty for the fact that we weren't able to pay for it ...

David Levy: All ... that, what happened was that Chris led us to believe ... campaign that he'd got the product to the point where it could go into production.

Nick Cooper: Right.

David Levy: It didn't actually go, they didn't start full production before Christmas, sorry, September ...

Suzanne Martin: Without him we're already further ahead, we're way ahead than we could ever have dreamt of last year.

David Levy: And ... Paul and I at one point were ... going outside the company to do things the best we can do and even he was horrified.

Suzanne Martin: Well he's ... the money.

David Levy: You know, we couldn't see

Nick Cooper: I mean from, from a production point of view I try not to, try not to get too, too involved, I just

Suzanne Martin: Yeah, equally

Nick Cooper: Obviously from a sales point of view it's, it's pivotal that


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