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Vega+ Shipping Dates

  • End of September 2016
  • October 2016
  • In time for Xmas 2016
  • February 2017
  • A "few weeks" from March 10th 2017
  • Summer 2017
  • 8 weeks from August 9th (October 4th, 2017)
  • Mid October 2017
  • April 2018
  • May 8th - 12th 2018
  • May 12th 2018
  • May 31st 2018 (Indiegogo deadline)
  • June 15th 2018
  • July 6th 2018

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Media Takedowns

Suzanne Martin has a documented history of supporting doxxing (posting addresses and phone numbers), uploading private photos to facebook, contacting employers and harassment, but when the tables are turned she is the first to complain to facebook, twitter, ISPs and supposedly multiple law enforcement agencies to have the material removed.

While backers are more than £500k out of pocket and RCL apparently have no time for updates, Suzanne Martin spends her time trying to remove material from the internet. Any material that the team notices has been removed will be archived here for everyone to see. The entire team would prefer Suzanne spends her time delivering the Vega+ using the ringfenced funds than wasting her time on takedown notices. A more efficient way to silence the twitter users would be a complete and honest update of the project showing the completed Vega+ units rolling off the production line and some evidence of the ringfenced funds in the bank account.

Deleted images from complaints

A twitter user had their account locked for 12 hours after Suzanne Martin reported several tweets. The first tweet was posted on 24/11/2017 and said: Nice to know that BIG OLD SUZZY! has been spending the £512k wisely "from bag to hag"

Suzanne Martin KFC from drugs to mugs

To unblock their account, the same user was forced to remove a second tweet of Suzanne Martin with Marjorie Dawes of Fat Fighters:

Suzanne Martin at Fat Fighters with Marjorie Dawes

Another twitter user had their account blocked on 02/12/2017 and was forced to delete 3 tweets to unblock it. The first tweet had no text apart from the hashtag #zxvega and included an image of David Levy holding a Vega+ prototype and a Big Daddy trophy, whilst Suzanne Martin experiences a nip slip wardrobe malfunction.

David Levy and Suzanne Martin nip slip wardrobe malfunction

The second tweet included an image of Suzanne Martin eating a meal at McDonalds whilst saying "And this is just the starter. Thanks Indie backers :)". The original tweet said "Looks like Suzanne Martin is getting an early start with a light lunch for that hard days work ahead on the Vega+ #zxvega"

Suzanne Martin (MD of RCL) having a starter at McDonalds using backers money

The third and final tweet that had to be deleted featured no text apart from the hashtag #zxvega and included a satirical "Sunday Sport exclusive" news article about David Levy crashing his car while receiving a handjob from his sex robot Suzanne. The full text included in the article:

DIY sex robot crashes Corsa: "She was giving me a handjob at the wheel... then just went bezerk"

By Lee Fogarty

An elderly perverted inventor and Sunday club member was burned by technology when his home-made SEX ROBOT made him crash his car!

Cloud headed David Levy spent £513,000 of investor funds and almost two years building the fully-functioning animatronic lust android in his one bedroom flat in London.

The 72-year-old named it Suzanne - after his daughter - on completing the project in February.

But after just four months of happiness and a "full and active" sex life, Suzanne is now a tangled mass of melted plastic and broken circuit boards, while David is recovering from his car accident injuries.

The former draughts player explained: "It was a lovely evening and I decided to take Suzanne for a spin in the hills.

"But some boy racers came around a corner and almost forced me off the road. The window was down, so I leaned out, waved my fist and shouted "You wankers! I will ruin you! I’ve done it before, and I will do it again!"

"Unfortunately, Suzanne heard the word 'wank' and took it as a command. Within a split second she'd unfastened me and was pleasuring me manually."

But then disaster befell the loved-up pair.

David said: "I don't know if it was a software glitch or a hardware failure, but suddenly Suzanne went berserk - yanking away at my nano-penis.

"I yelled 'Stop Suzanne' and even shouted 'VEGA+', the code word for a full system shutdown. But she kept tugging.

"Needless to say, I lost control of the Corsa, hit a roadside rock and we flipped. Suzanne kept tugging away for a few moments, then short-circuited and burst into flames.

"I suffered a dislocated collar bone and a twisted knee but managed to pull her free. She was well alight by then and smelled of, well, burning plastic and KFC. There were circuit boards all over the place as she was made from prototype Vega+ parts as we never made the Vega+.

"I must have blacked out because when I woke up as I was being loaded into the ambulance, there was a fireman stamping on Suzanne to put out the flames.

"I shouted 'NOOOOO' - but I knew she was already gone."

Dr David Levy crashes car while homemade sexbot Suzanne Martin giving him a handjob

On Friday 8/12/2017, a twitter account was blocked for "posting or sharing privately produced/distributed intimate media of someone without their express consent". One of the taken down tweets was a comedy article about David Levy's sex robot Suzy:

"Leave Eye me alone!" yells sexbot before inferno. Lightning strikes twice as revamped sex robot also goes up in flames!

By Lee Fogarty

David was left with third degree burns for the second time in a year after his home-made SEX ROBOT malfunctioned and his transit van caught alight!

David Levy has never been a quitter. After a string of business failures and the public humiliation of a car crash involving his first sex robot 'Suzanne', most expected him to head off to a retirement village in Ramsgate and disappear from the public spotlight, tail firmly between his legs. Not so.

"I've been called everything under the sun", David says. "A cloud headed bastard. A conman. A thief. A confidence trickster. A rip-off merchant. A stupid, deluded sex-robot obsessed fuckwit. Water off a duck's back to me. The only insult that hurt was someone that said I was ‘shit at chess’. Aside from a 4-nil toweling by a computer way back in 1989, I did manage to win just over half my matches you know."

After 'Suzanne' went up in smoke earlier in the year, David was depressed - and broke. But an incredible sequence of events saw his sex-robot dream return.

"My real life daughter Suzanne managed to find 17 cheques for £5,000 each down the back of her sofa. I was back in business!"

David assembled a crack team at once to start work on the new sex-robot. No expense was spared.

"I wanted - needed - to retain a monument to the past, while embracing the future. So the new robot would be named 'Suzy' - keeping the history of 'Suzanne' while kicking it up a notch. I doubled her memory capacity compared to the original by placing the last 2 Vega+ prototypes inside her. The cracked screen didn't matter on the second one, as nobody would see it anyway." The team made quick progress, although it did require a lot of testing.

“I was working 24/7, getting into every nook and cranny, testing every last feature of ‘Suzy’. It was gruelling work, and I still had to attend the regular 4am meetings with the rest of eam at the Intelligent Toys team at Ramsgate KFC.

According to David, the testing was hard work but well worth it, as he found a major problem.

"The buttons on ‘Suzy’ turned out to be faulty", David says. "That caused her breasts to sag, and that in turn caused a huge weight imbalance and she had a tendency to topple over. The final fix was quite simple - we just expanded her belly, allowing her boobs to droop naturally. And feedback on the larger Suzy version 2 has been generally positive. We’re really excited about this."

But it was all about to go horribly wrong for the Intelligent Toys team.

"The entire team had been assembled. We loaded her into the van, ready to demonstrate her at Gamescon. I decided to let Lee and Janko ride up front, while I pulled the modesty curtain and undressed in preparation for a 'full systems test' in the back. I switched her on, gave her the start command, and she began pleasuring me."

"After about 15 seconds, just as my nano-penis was beginning to tire, error message 503 popped up on the Vega+ display saying Suzy had been disabled due to non-payment. I tried resetting her by yelling out the command 'launch party', but each time she just short-circuited and sparked. The previous contractor must have installed some kind of back-door passage, as she began yelling out “LEAVE-EYE ME ALONE!” and was screaming out loud for fried chicken. After several failed reset attempts, the van drove past a KFC outlet and she went full-potato. Smoke began pouring out every orifice and she caught alight."

"The extra padding we added to the stomach turned out to be a design flaw as it was extremely flamable, and the van was soon an inferno. I yelled for Janko to pull the van over at once, and I barely managed to open the back door, bursting out with my trousers at half-mast just as she exploded."

David reflects on this latest setback whilst receiving attention for his burns in hospital. "I'm convinced that contractor we hired (and subsequently fired) sabotaged ‘Suzy’ somehow. For now, the sexbot dream is over. RIP Suzy.”

Dr David Levy's revamped sex robot Suzy Suzanne Martin also goes up in flames

A third Sunday Sport style article was also uploaded to Twitter in December 2017:

Flight from hell as woman ends up covered in semen! Violent brawl erupts on plane after man allegedly performs sex act on himself!

By Lee Fogarty

An elderly man was arrested upon landing in Brazil after a woman sitting next to him awoke to find herself covered in semen stains.

Passengers began to attack the suspect after hearing the woman next to him shouting in panic.

She is said to have woken up with fluids on her clothing - with the 72-year-old claiming he suffered a coughing fit and 'accidentally spat' on her.

The alleged victim said, "The entire flight was a nightmare from the very beginning. I'd been up for 12 hours already, the flight was jam-packed, and when this doddery cloud headed man limped down the aisle holding up all the passengers behind him, I was hoping he wasn't going to be sitting anywhere nearby. But alas, he sat down right next to me, and he started with the smalltalk right away. At that point I knew this was going to be a bad trip."

"The man introduced himself as David Levy, and said he had to leave the UK in a hurry due to an investment turning sour. He was going to visit an old friend Ronnie Bigg's son, and David apparently played a lot of board games - draughts, checkers and a little bit of chess I think - and said he was high up in the computer business. I didn't believe him, as he couldn't even work out how to turn on the in-flight entertainment system."

"After about 10 minutes of swearing, he threw the controller onto the seatback, at which point the screen cracked. David composed himself for a moment and said "Slowly but surely wins the race" with a funny laugh."

The alleged victim said "I didn't know what he meant at the time, but I certainly do now."

"I wondered what he intended to do for the rest of the eleven and a half hour flight since he'd broken his screen, but he said he had his own personal miniature entertainment system in his pocket. He laughed off the breakage as he said, "Don't worry. I've done this before and I'll do it again!" It was all very bizarre."

Shortly after take-off, another incident occurred.

"I was just gazing out the window, looking at the clouds floating by when suddenly the man was fondling my breasts! I couldn't believe what was happening - I wriggled free from his grip and glared at him, ready to punch him!"

"He acted like he'd done nothing wrong, said it was just a misunderstanding on my part, then he pointed at his neck and said that it was just a reflex reaction to a cheese and onion crisp going down the wrong pipe."

"I called the air-hostess over and asked to change seats, but she said there was nothing they could do because the flight was full. I was angry and couldn't believe I'd have to sit next to this dirty old man after what he'd just done to me."

The long day finally caught up with the woman, and she fell asleep. About 30 minutes later, she woke up when the same man started pulling on her hand.

"To my horror I realised he was trying to put my hand on his genitals. I then realised my legs and lap were stained."

He was later arrested after the Monarch Airlines plane landed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The suspect has denied the charges and is said to have told police, "I spat during a coughing fit, and it hit the woman beside me. I had a lot of phlegm on my chest after a fire involving my two sexbots recently, and the accusation that I was trying to get her to touch my genitalia was a figment of her imagination. It was most certainly not an attempt to replace my 'Suzy' sexbot as my accuser claims."

The man was switched with a seat at the back of the aircraft and is now facing being banned for life from the airline's flights and is expected to face judges in court.

Monarch Airlines said, "We strongly condemn the violence that occurred on Friday morning. We are looking for ways to ban the passenger. The crew acted immediately, immobilizing the aggressor and the captain informed the federal police, the metropolitan police, Interpol and several other law enforcement agencies of the incident."

Upon landing, the aircraft's doors were kept shut until officers arrived. Police officers searched the man, and found no trace of the portable entertainment system he claimed to have had on him. David's trousers and underwear were taken away for DNA testing.

The alleged victim also said, "It was only when I thought about it later that I realised the man never had any crisps with him either. They don't serve cheese and onion flavour on the flight, and he had no carry on luggage with him."

Update: Monarch Airlines have been placed into administration. It is believed an unpaid bill by Retro Computers Ltd of £512,790 for a charter flight to Malaysia tipped the company over the edge.

Dr David Levy arrested after sex act on himself on plane

On January 4th 2017 another article appeared on Twitter:

Cracked Vega+ mystery clue left by cloud-headed thief! Metropolitan police hunt perverted thief who stole 'Dorothy' the sex doll

By Lee Fogarty

A £5,000 sex doll named Dorothy has gone missing from an adult store in London and the elderly cloud-headed man behind its disappearance has been caught on camera.

CCTV footage shows the thief pulling up outside the adult store, jumping out of the vehicle, and attempting to pick the door's 3 digit combination lock by hooking up a portable games-like console device.

After several minutes, the thief threw the device onto the ground where the screen cracked and he returned to the vehicle to obtain bolt cutters. After making it inside, the man began to remove his black clothing before disappearing from view. Approximately 1 minute later, the man re-emerged struggling to hold the 168cm-tall sex doll 'Dorothy'. The thief's crotch area was covered in fresh stains, and he was wearing a beige jacket. No tie was present.

Police estimate the thief to be short, in his early 70s, white hair, ape-like facial features with a distinctive two-pound-coin sized gap between his yellowing front teeth.

Dorothy, a doll who boasts "ultra-realistic-feeling skin and breasts" and "a titanium alloy skeleton enabling her to bend into almost any position", retails for fifty payments of £105 and is the most popular doll in the shop.

Store owner Mr Cauldwell believes the thief is a regular in his sex shop "Egghead Adult Entertainment” as he knew exactly where to walk to avoid the majority of his cameras. The thief also helped himself to several of Mr Cauldwell’s prolific collection of vibrating eggs and his latest VHS tape “Egghead Gives Head”, but Cauldwell is most upset at losing ‘Dorothy’.

Employee Jan Saggiori re-iterated his boss saying, "At what I know I let you image the doll stolen definitely seen before old man in sex shop". When asked if a replacement ‘Dorothy’ doll will be available for customers, Mr Saggiori stated, "Oh yes, I can confirm, it's happening, we are days away from the shipment but due to haters not for many months years decades."

The getaway vehicle, a white Ford transit van, has also caused problems for the police. The vanity plate "LEVY69" appears to have been created by a prototyping company, and the company "Intelligent Toys Ltd" has been struck off Companies House. The directors details appear to have been bogus, and the website for the cracked Vega+ says “under construction”.

Witness Suzanne Martin, returning from her daily emergency-run to Ramsgate KFC, spotted the van driving erratically and watched on with interest.

"The driver was yelling at the doll in the passenger seat, absolutely screaming at her with rage. I heard something about 'ruining her' and ‘I’ve done it before and will do it again’ or words to that effect. He then pulled the van over, removed her lingerie, and began forcing her head down onto his groin. After a minute or so he returned her to her seat calling her ‘a filthy slut’ and sped away, looking frustrated with his performance. It sickened me, but I had to think of the poor kids that might have witnessed this sick and deranged act."

Contact the Metropolitan police if you can identify the thief or know the whereabouts of ‘Dorothy’. A reward of £105 has been offered along with a copy of “Suzy: The Goose that Laid the Golden Egghead” on VHS for the safe return of Mr Cauldwell’s sex doll.

Dorothy sex doll stolen by David Levy from Egghead Adult Entertainment store

Magazine coverage

Complaints about the following magazine covers were received:

David Levy on the cover of AFW magazine

My Size Weekly


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Confirmation of the shilling that went on from certain individuals during this absolute scandal. What a disgrace!

Well it seems justice has prevailed for once and no surprises there to be honest what a ridiculous bit of behaviour !

Indiegogo Campaign

"Our Indiegogo campaign is to raise funds to manufacture the first 2,500 or more units of the Vega+ in the UK, and to prepare us for the second production run."

— RCL (15/02/2016)

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