ZX Vega+ News

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Vega+ Shipping Dates

  • End of September 2016
  • October 2016
  • In time for Xmas 2016
  • February 2017
  • A "few weeks" from March 10th 2017
  • Summer 2017
  • 8 weeks from August 9th (October 4th, 2017)
  • Mid October 2017
  • April 2018
  • May 8th - 12th 2018
  • May 12th 2018
  • May 31st 2018 (Indiegogo deadline)
  • June 15th 2018
  • July 6th 2018

World of Spectrum

Searchable threads in one long post:


More than 2 and a half years after backers ordered a first production run Vega+, the first few units were received on Monday the 30th of July 2018, and the reviews have been terrible. The units have been shipped out in a plain box without any protection other than a piece of paper either side of the device. The units have arrived scratched and the buttons are awful.

A list of Vega+ units received is also being maintained on the Vega+ Shareholders Petition facebook group.

1. Craig Wootton review

Craig Wootton posts the following review on Indiegogo on 30/07/2018:

my Vega has arrived. the screen is scratched. no usb lead to charge,no instructions. just the console in a pain black box
can anyone tell me how to load games and best website to do so please?


thanks for the feedback guys. I won’t lie, the build quality isn’t great. I’ll upload to YouTube and let you know where

— Craig Wootton

Craig has also uploaded a 5 minute video review to youtube.

2. Al Mulrooney review

Al Mulrooney posted the following review on Indiegogo on 30/07/2018:

Got my VEGA+ today. Here are my first thoughts.

  1. Build quality is about average.
  2. The plastic over the screen looks pretty poor
  3. The buttons are very hard to press,
  4. The screen has a VERY noticeable flicker unless it’s on 100% brightness.
  5. The screen is ALWAYS ON whilst charging, this is frustrating.
  6. No instructions in the box, so have no idea how to load my own games on to this thing.
  7. No explanation of what all the buttons are for.

I'm hoping that once I find out how to use the console, I can come back and leave are more positive review. I'll take some pics of the unit and upload somewhere. Link will be here soon.


Photos as promised

— Al Mulrooney

Two galleries have now been uploaded:

Al Mulrooney's photo of the buttons

Al Mulrooney's photo of the D-pad

Al Mulrooney's photo of the top

Al Mulrooney's photo of the device

Al Mulrooney has since been banned from commenting on the Indiegogo campaign.

Al Mulrooney banned

3. David Whitchurch-Bennett review

David Whitchurch-Bennett posted the following review in the public discussion facebook group on 31/07/2018:

So, it arrived.

I wanted to be happy with it - I wanted to be excited. I wanted to say to my kids - finally here it is.

Aside from the box and no packing, lack of instructions, cheap feel, etc, it is in reality unplayable. Bottom line - unplayable.

The buttons are absolutely awful. You have to press so hard and they intermittently stop working unless you apply so much pressure.

My son said after 3 minutes his thumbs were sore and asked if we could change the buttons.

Very disappointed, but wasn’t expecting anything different really.

— David Whitchurch-Bennett

David also posts a photo of the packaging with the caption "Literally that - a black box and two sheets of paper ffs":

The entire packaging David Whitchurch-Bennett received

Suzanne Martin posts on the RCL facebook page claiming the lack of protection for the device (a piece of paper inside a box) was due to the use of "ethical packaging":

Convicted criminal and fraudster Suzanne Martin

This information is being made available to download. Keeping it green. The first batch were also shipped in ethical packaging without any additional plastic.

we tested the packaging and it is appropriately protected. I am waiting on a third party for the other material. I can only apologise

— Suzanne Martin

Suzanne Martin claims ethical packaging

4. Patrick van der Poel

Patrick van der Poel posted on Indiegogo after receiving his device on 31/07/2018:

Received the Vega+ today. But what an awfull piece of shit it is. I want to send it back and demand a refund. I was already on the clivehelpus refund list.
Can there be some extra list for people who received their device, but still want their money back and return the device. There is nothing positive about the device. Full of bugs, no manual, no games, Fuse emulation, ugly looking cheap device. Very bad build quality. English made they claim? Yeah, right! Chinese garbage you mean!

Fuse is open source right? So shouldn’t RCL make all source code available?

When replying to a question from Stephen: "Did it come with a return address? Good luck if you do decide to go down that route."

@Stephen. No it didn’t. I emailed RCL about it, but off course I won’t get a reply. Still I’m very unhappy with the device. Just wondering what I can do to get my money back and return the device. It realy is a terrible crappy device. There must be a way to take legal actions against RCL. However it’s probably almost impossible if you are living in the Netherlands like me. How can I sue a foreign company.

After a few hours of trying I have given up. I can’t get games on my micro-SD card working on the vega+. Despite Lee’s instructions.

Also noticed some nasty bugs. Volume, contrast and brightness settings aren't stored, so you have to set them again after every reboot. Also the screen can only be used on the maximum brightness level of 7. Any lower level results in a flickering screen. So what's the point of a brightness setting then? Probably some el cheapo screen.

The buttons are driving me insane. They have to be pushed so hard my fingers hurt. Totally unplayable this way. So it's worthless. Also the micro-SD slot has no spring mechanism, making it very hard to get the ad card out once it's in. The hall of fame is a giant mess. Also the top of my screen looks a bit curved. Like it's a bit folded somehow. Anything positive: Unfortunately no!

The vega+ is totally unplayable in this state. Priority 1: Fix the buttons!

Thanks to some very helpful people here, I finally got some games working.
Put because of the problem with the buttons (you need to press very hard) it’s hardly playable and certainly not enjoyable.
Also the vega+ is very unstable. Some times games just freeze and I have to reset the Vega+ to get back in the menu and start the game again.

— Patrick van der Poel
Lying Lee Fogarty

@Patrick – I am really sorry for you – these are among the nearly 50 bugs reported a year ago, but the testers were instructed to stop contacting private planet, and work stopped on the FW. It seems you have the 2nd version we were sent that didn’t fix any issues, but created a load more. You would have been better having the first version of the FW.

— Lee Fogarty

5. Lee Spinks

Lee Spinks posted the following on Indiegogo after receiving his Vega+ on 31/07/2018:

Oh dear lord … Mine turned up today. I paid for ‘The Clive’ and … It’s utter poo. Trust me when I say the feel, build and response of the buttons fuels my two year waiting anger. I won’t Kickstart any campaign again. Fingers burned to the bone. The packaging is a disgrace (it was wrapped in paper), no manual, no charging cable, no thought or regard to the people who funded this disgrace. My wife laughed long and hard at my face. My advice, refuse delivery and fight for your refund.

— Lee Spinks

6. Paul Benge

Paul Benge posted on facebook after receiving his Vega+ on 31/07/2016:

I cannot be bothered to review as the edges are too sharp to hold comfortably.

I have to say the boxes were self sealing with tabs to pull to open it. Perhaps the idea for the lack of packing was for the box to erode the sharp edges during transit....

— Paul Benge

Paul Benge Vega+ in box

7. Antoine Michels

Antoine Michels posted on facebook after receiving his Vega+ on 31/07/2018:

I received my ZX Spectrum Vega + today!

Wrapped in packing paper, no manual, no cables, no box.

For comparison I included my toastrack 128k spectrum and my 48k in the first picture.

Look at the pictures for a first impression. I will try to add a couple of games using the hints Lee Fogarty gave on Indiegogo and will post the results as soon as possible in this group.

— Antoine Michels

8. Jorge Takuro Sanchez

Jorge Takuro Sanchez posted on facebook on 01/08/2018 (please note this is an automated translation) and also on the RCL facebook page:

Things that remind you of your childhood and arrive by mail, I had my first spectrum with my brothers in 1984, and since then video games are part of my life

It is not worth more than by collecting, to play spectrum in a portable way nothing better than a Nintendo DS


You can check my facebook, I've posted some, the device came without any cables or booklet, just inside a black box, is a little bulky, buttons are hard to press and the only way to turn it off is from a menu and looks like only does it if is not charging, but hey, it does work and exist

— Jorge Takuro Sanchez

9. Mark Steel

Mark Steel posted on facebook on 01/08/2018 after receiving serial number 1830500052:

Got mine today brilliant

Just need to put games on now all my favs

I know that it's no psp or nine do quality but the speccy was also abit rough round the edges aswell lol

Can't fault the retro throwback ok the buttons could be better maybe it's v1 used but they did deliver ok in the end so thanks to SMS retro computers for this. We would of hit this sooner if it was big you the 64 mini which in my eyes is cheaper build quality and breaks

Yes I must be Frank it's worth 60.00 quid not 100.00 but it's great the screen is good for the money at least battery life I don't know yet have not used it for hours but the firmware only need tweaking which can be sorted out in future updates etc. Maybe the buttons may wear in better with use but overall it's not to bad better than playing on your phone anyways

I like it because I am a collector aswell so I am happy either way at least we received in the end

Yes it's manufactured on the cheap it's no rolex quality or Japanese style quality like Sony buts good enough for a kickstarter device

As I said maybe if all this legal stuff did not go on behind the seems it may of been quality thanks

The paper is cheap I know this could be done better but I had a other consoles in the past so its on a par to them quality wise like your Chinese imports etc

Yes the battery it's abit buggy the firmware etc it's good as the next zx spectrum kickstarter made by SMS also

— Mark Steel

10. Victor Littlewood

Victor Littlewood posted on facebook on 01/08/2018 after receiving serial number 1830500199:

I got mine today. Here is a pic of the roll of honour (one page at least).

Not had much time as I am working but first impressions would be that they were very close to having something great but seemed to have rushed the final stages. For example the buttons are very stiff and unresponsive.

I got an email saying congratulations and that it would be here yesterday. I didn’t think anything would turn up.

I did ask for a blankety blank one a while ago. I thought that would improve the chances of actually getting one.

I gave it a good go last night and it’s not actually that bad. The buttons are the worst thing about it. The OS/emulator seems pretty good. At the moment though the only games on it are the ones by Mr Cauldwell so I will try the SD when I get time.

— Victor Littlewood

11. Jason Brooks

Jason Brooks posted photos on facebook on 01/08/2018:

Guess what !

Damn it, neither a refund or a device... Really pissed off now, but congratulations to you!

I see what people are saying about the buttons being hard to press

I'm going to try and load some games on a SD card in abit and plug it in to the Tele

There's no instructions, no leads to charge it either

at the moment I cant figure out how to get the sdcard games to show up !

When replying to the question "Satisfy my curiosity... Which company delivered it?" UPS

— Jason Brooks

Jason Brooks posts a follow-up on facebook:

Has anyone actually managed to get the Vega+ to display on a TV yet ? Mine wouldn't !

ive got it to work.... but it its displayed all wrong

— Jason Brooks

Jason Brooks TV output

Jason Brooks posts on facebook discussing the TV output of the unit:

The TV output ........

April 27, 2017 at 11:59PM This still doesn't work. I get nothing but an annoying buzz unless I pull the cable out of the unit slightly - then the buzzing stops, and I have two displays on TV using 1/4 of the screen each, and the display is unwatchable due to the low quality.That was a testing report written last year ....... It's still doing it

— Jason Brooks

On 06/08/2018, Jason reports responds to a question about his Vega+ being removed from EBay and reports that his unit died so he removed it:

This one was actually mine , but after 3 days of not touching it , I picked it up to put some games on it . Only to find its died........ Thought best to take it off in the end ! I wonder how many of these will be brought on eBay then sent back as they aren't working .

— Jason Brooks

12. Stan Bryan

Stan Bryan posted on the RCL facebook page on 01/08/2018:

I’ve received mine, sort of. I work in Saudi and I had my Vega+ delivered today. Hopefully I will get someone to bring it back to me when they return from the uk. I was one of the early backers and opted for “The Clive”

— Stan Bryan

13. Nick Symes

Nick Symes posted on the RCL facebook page on 01/08/2018:

Well the Vega + has finally arrived, mine came this morning. And there is one on ebay already https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/292664410957

— Nick Symes

14. Cerealmad

Cerealmad uploaded a video Sinclair ZX Sinclair Spectrum New Vega + 1st Edition Grand Reveal to youtube and promptly put his unit with serial number 1830500085 onto EBay. (archived copy)

15. Mike Palmer

16. Nick Butler

Nick Butler posted 2 photos on the World of Spectrum facebook group after receiving his Vega+ on 01/08/2018:

Mine arrived today. Only had a go for about two minutes but so far my initial review is: it's shit. Buttons feel awful.

— Nick Butler

17. Sean Morris

Sean Morris posted on Indiegogo on 01/08/2018:

Received my unit today and boy am I disappointed. No power supply cable, no instructions and the ‘D’ pad is absolutely useless. Feels very cheaply made. Came loose in a box and was rattling around as it was delivered. Not worth the wait.

— Sean Morris

18. Shaun Watling

Shaun Watling posted on facebook on 01/08/2018:

I can't believe I got one! In all honesty it's not that bad. From the bad reviews I was expecting a lot worse..

ups and no email

i am having great difficulty actually trying to load games from sd card if you had a bit patience. the games built in work fine, haunted house one of my favs works flawlessly....

i thought the micro sd card slot was one of them spring back type but its not, and seems impossibe to get the micro sd card back out Jason Brooks, cheers for help too

just managed to get the card out with tweezers, silly design

— Shaun Watling

19. Gary

Gary posted on Indiegogo on 01/08/2018:

One Vega+ unit received today.

Front face buttons defo need some extra height as they almost need to go sub-flush. I had the unit open and carefully cleared a bit of glue off the back of the conductive pads which did help. The top-most buttons seem fine. I managed to play some games without problem and as Lee mentioned the info button (top right) gave some button info to get the games started. Built in audio worked but I had no luck with the the TV trying a few AV leads. Unit survived the post but the packaging was poor.

I am yet to try the SD card and see if there is any kind of Keyboard support via the micro USB... I will try later. As a side note...The front buttons might be easily improved by carefully pushing a ball of 'sugru' of the appropriate colour on to each one (clean first) and let it set.... (and it should peel off should you ever want to restore the unit. Good Luck

@Lee.. Cheers for the bug report info, it look likes most of the bugs probably still exist. I had a play with the TV out and also got 2 screens with odd color(with the audio in the video socket mind). I did get some games to work off the sd card eventually but had trouble. I used a 16Gb SD card, (I tried a 512MB card that didn’t seem to load the same working files) Still having some issues. I see that the unit doesn’t correctly fill the game.dat file for you so it needs to be done manually.

Also my unit would only read the SD after a reset (no hot swap) I have only managed to get the SD card working with a pre-built example... but had no luck with my own files yet. .......Throw in some new software (debugged), tweak the hardware and it could be a nice little product.......hopefully the next revision will be much much better

Also the keyboard i tried didn’t seem to repeat key presses correctly during game play. For example if i try to walk left if would take only one step then cease. Although I will try another Keyboard. I haven’t left mine on charge yet but might open it up again and see if there is anything obvious that might damage it. If someone has killed there unit on charge it might be worth disconnecting the battery(2 wires) and powering it via the USB only…to see if it comes up…?

If you are having trouble pulling out the SD cards just cut n fold a bit of tape back on itself over the top of you SD card to give it a flap. Makes it easier to pull out.

Sorry ...The battery is the internal 3 wire connector PL1.... ( not 2 wires - as that is the speaker!)

— Gary

20. Sebastian Braunert

Sebastian Braunert posted on facebook on 01/08/2018:

I am alive....i made videos. But f.. i sound like Jan, Dr. Seltsam and every "Kraut" in a world war II movie. Do you really want to see this ? And it is true. I am an owner of a Vega Plus

I will upload the "Krauts" videos. Will take some time. Let me put it this way: I will give it to King George. And please, dear George hit the bastards hard!!!

— Sebastian Braunert

21. Peter Barack

Peter Barack posted on twitter that his Vega+ unit has died within one day of receiving it:

22. Gary Stubbs

Gary Stubbs posted on facebook on 01/08/2018 after receiving serial 1830500169:

Well mine came today, will see what it’s like tomorrow, when Kevin Galvayne is around! As has been said by others, came in a plain box etc, that’s the first picture.

Better picture of the front, the Sinclair logo is cut out of a sticker used to mask the transition of the LCD to the case, the clear plastic screen cover is over the top of this.

When replying to the question "What's the line across the bottom I keep seeing in the photos, is it a screen protector?" It’s the plastic front cover, there appears to be a formed lip on the backside of it, I have taken a picture from a different angle.

I think it should have been built in two parts with a black plastic surround with a clear screen mounted into it.

It is what it is, I will give it a good test tomorrow.

It may also be rare as hen’s teeth, reading the flurry of recent press releases!

on the delivery paperwork it’s order number 55 if that’s any help?

Ok I got bored, here’s what’s inside!

When replying to "Does the sd card eject?" No, it just pushes in, which is fine if it would actually read the card!

When replying to "Is it easy to remove again?" it is with a small screwdriver :)

Having spent the morning using it I can say that I will now play portable spectrum games on my GP2X CAANOO, touch screen and tilt sensors enabled :) :)

— Gary Stubbs

Gary Stubbs 01

Gary Stubbs 02

Gary Stubbs 03

Gary Stubbs 04

Gary Stubbs 05

Gary Stubbs internals 01

Gary Stubbs internals 02

Gary Stubbs internals 03

Gary Stubbs internals 04

Gary Stubbs internals 05

23. Barel Barelon

Barel Barelon posted on facebook on 01/08/2018 

I can't believe that I got mine!! I didn't expect to be included in the lottery of who got one since I was a really late backer (Jan 2017). I received an email on Saturday and received it yesterday by Royal Mail. Serial number is 18305000036. And though I am really happy to finally have it in my hands, I still believe that the managers at RCL are a bunch of crooks and idiots. I've never seen a company behaving in such an appalling and disgusting manner, with such disregard for their customers.

It's not too bad. Screen will flicker unless contrast and brightness are at the top level and the buttons are a bit hard to press, but games are playable and look really nice (I have just played a couple of the 20 or so included games)

I only played the games that come with it, so I did not need to write a config file. No bend

— Barel Barelon

However, less than 48 hours, Barel posted an update on facebook to state that his Vega+ unit is now dead after leaving it to charge overnight:

Well, my unit has stopped working. I left it charging overnight and now it won't turn on. It has not even lasted 48h :(

— Barel Barelon

Barel Barelon's unit stopped working after charging overnight

24. Mark Hacker

Mark Hacker may have been the first to receive a Vega+, but has only posted one comment on Indiegogo in the entire campaign, and hasn't posted a follow-up.

My VGEA+ arrived today. Just loading the games…

The built-in games work, can't get read off the SD card ...... anybody had any luck?

— Mark Hacker

25. Steve Cawood

Steve Cawood posted on facebook on 02/08/2015 after receiving serial number 1830500152:

It's arrived....

UPS, with a tracking number that I never received.

So, I've opened it and first impressions are not as bad as I was expecting. I think the main issue is the buttons being hard to press. I might see if Ben Heck wants to mod it for me. Hmmm

— Steve Cawood

26. Peter Jones

Peter Jones posted on the RCL facebook page on 02/08/2017:

Well, mine arrived today! It charges via micro usb, so charger is not necessary. It works like a charm, and has about 20 games pre-loaded. I’m very happy!

— Peter Jones

27. Phil Hall

Phil Hall posted on the RCL facebook page on 02/08/2018:

Sorry guys but your machine is I will be positive first, the machine is nice to look at, screen arrived unscratched is clear and bright, sound is good, games are good even though they seem to be all by Jonathon Caldwell be it doesn't matter one bit as the d pad is absolutely rubbish, the most unresponsive I have ever come across, when you think that last year we had a large delay because you wasn't happy with the buttons, I've stayed loyal all the way but I have to tell it as I find.

— Phil Hall

Phil Hall and Alan Drakeley discussion

28. Colin Vipurs

Colin Vipurs posted on the RCL facebook page.

Mine arrived this morning

— Colin Vipurs

29. Joanna Lesley

Joanna Lesley has put her Vega+ with serial number 1830500084 on EBay. (archived copy)

30. Andy Johns

Andy Johns posted a photo and mini-review on facebook on 02/08/2018: 

Mine just arrived, same packaging as everyone else.
Quick review, the initial rcl logo flickers horribly but the screen when playing games is not bad at all. The unit feels nice to hold with a bit of weight and the sound is good. The facia is not a nice design at all..it looks messy..The controls however are absolutely terrible..buttons are supposed to travel. It's supposed to feel like you are pressing something and feel a reaction. This feels horrible to play, the spacing between the joypad buttons is just enough that if you don't have huge thumbs there is no way you will be able to move anything diagonally. "ByteMe" One of the installed games is impossible to move diagonally without using two fingers or hurting your thumb. This is just an unforgivable design flaw. I haven't added any new games to it. It's not worth it. It's not fun to play in my humble opinion. And just to add...its the controls that let it down the most. I could forgive the other design issues(obviously I wont forgive RCL anything at this point) but if you are going to make a games console it needs to be useable. This is not.

— Andy Johns

31. Andrew Whyles

Andrew Whyles posted on the Spectrum for Everyone facebook page.

I got my unit but it won’t turn on after like 30 mins of charging...... who said it was broken. No manual to tell me what I should be doing. I’ll tell you when they print one. It’s new out the box. Prob just flat. Comes with no manual or any cables. Blank box too. Not seen a single thing on the screen. It’s like there is no screen. Only a green and red light. Rst does nothing. Tried a new cable now it’s showing red when charging. Was green before. Sounds better to me. Green when fully charged right? It’s alive! Must have been wrong cable. Got menu now

The d pad and buttons need a right shove to work. No sd card games show up either I used no folders. Tap and z80 files don’t work.

— Andrew Whyles

32. ringwaldmolly

ringwaldmolly posted on Indiegogo after receiving serial number 1830500082.

Well – it just arrived. Serial number ending 082… will check it out tonight but am I correct to say this is basically a prototype without the promised remodelled buttons or software updates?

— ringwaldmolly

33. tm

tm posted on Indiegogo.

nice, received mine today. :)

— tm

34. Ross

Ross tweeted after receiving his Vega+ on 02/08/2018. When asked if he would share his serial number Ross replied "I will when I open it. Have to prepare myself for disappointment."

35. Steve Everitt

Steve Everitt posted a photo on facebook on 02/08/2018 after receiving serial number 1830500160:

Not sure whether to laugh or cry, but this is number 160.

I can’t confess to being an early backer 4000ish don’t know why I have been sent one, it’s going on EBay as I run my games off my old PSP. Run fine on there and is more responsive, this Vega has the build quality of something from Poundland.

— Steve Everitt

36. Lynn Anderson

Lynn Anderson posted on the RCL facebook page on 02/08/2018:

Mine too. I’ve got many micro usb chargers already. It’s really brilliant! I’m so happy I kept the faith all this time. Just need the instructions to download games now when you are able to and it will be perfect!

— Lynn Anderson

37. Manic Miner

Manic Miner has put his Vega+ with serial number 1830500172 on EBay. (archived copy)

38. Martin Helen Lamb

Martin Helen Lamb posted on the RCL facebook page.

39. Bobby Brown

Bobby Brown posted on facebook on 02/08/2015:

seems like my little black box of joy has arrived???? Not opened it yet

it rattles when shaked, is it a brick inside? wonder what the serial is?

i collect retro, so its for my own collection, even though it seems that other 'owners' report it as pants, its all mine now, better than getting nothing i suppose

I got a very sparse two line email from Suzanne to say delivery at latest Tuesday. Funny, mine seems to be Royal Mail and direct from retro rather than the electronics company every one else’s seems to be sent from???

— Bobby Brown

40. Ronan McEvoy

Ronan McEvoy posted on facebook on 03/08/2018 after receiving his Vega+ in Ireland with serial number 1830500038:

Got mine today in Ireland. Serial No. is 0038.

Graham - You made the Hall of Fame twice! I didn't make the cut in the end!

Buttons are insane - not usable! Definitely better to stick with my PSP or Gpd.

Here's a weird thing. There seems to be no back button, so if you go into a menu option, the only way to get back seems to be to reset the device. Very strange!

Replying to the question "Re buttons - is it the travel or pressure needed to make contact on the pcb...?" Pressure. I used it for about 10 minutes to play Egghead and Haunted Houses, and my fingers were numb. I struggled to type on my phone afterwards.

— Ronan McEvoy

41. William Thomas

William Thomas posted on Indiegogo on 02/08/2018 after receiving his Vega+ in the USA with serial number 1830500107:

I received my Vega+ today. As with everyone else , it just had the system in the box with black paper. Good news is no scratched screen or anything. Btw , I live in the States and the serial number ends with 107.

— William Thomas


hpprivat posted on Indiegogo on 03/08/2018 after receiving a Vega+ in Hungary with serial number 1830500035:

Believe or not – I have received my Vega+ in Hungary too.. Serial No. ends with 035. It has successfully survived the long journey in that black box.. I cannot switch the unit off while it is being charged, at the moment I can’t play with it (none of the few pre- installed games are known to me), but I am.. happy, having all these conditions, at least finally to get one. Thanks to all advices from all of you, especially from Lee, I will test them in the weekend.

— hpprivat

43. Alan Drakeley

Alan Drakeley posted a reply on the RCL facebook page to Phil Hall discussing the D-pad being absolute rubbish:

I have to agree. I think the buttons should be a whole lot better than they are. I feel as though I need to push through the unit before they do anything... Other than that it's OK, nothing more though.

— Alan Drakeley

Phil Hall and Alan Drakeley discussion

44. Garry Heather

Garry Heather posted on Indiegogo on 03/08/2018:

One of two anticipated units came today, arrived with the front body scratched top to bottom with a scuff across the left button of the D Pad. Tested in so far as checking it turns on and already worried about how bad the buttons feel / respond. I have replied to RCL’s email confirming delivery and complaining about the damage (with photos), thus giving them the chance to rectify the problem. Serial ends 207.

The scratches the Vega+ I received on Friday (one is on the left D pad button, the other is easy to see):
… and the odd interlace / strobing screen issue when the brightness is reduced:

Buttons also require a very hard press to work and go flush with the front panel meaning an uncomfortable and unreliable experience. No response from RCL yet about this.

— Garry Heather

Garry Heather scratch

Garry Heather interlace issue

45. Darren Talbot's flatmate

Darren Talbot posted on Indiegogo on 03/08/2018:

Flatmate received his black one today. Complete rubbish. Mine was the white one. I’d rather receive nothing than the poor quality effort he got.

— Darren Talbot

46. Eran Boudjnah

Eran Boudjnah posted on Indiegogo on 03/08/2018:

Just received mine. Boy, what a disappointment. It came in a large box with no protection. What’s to protect, I guess. The finish is super cheap. The buttons are horrible, you have to force push them to get any response. The software is even worse. Push the wrong button and the device just shuts down. The few games there are hard to control (due to the horrible buttons) and sprites flicker. Really couldn’t be much worse (well, other than getting nothing at all, I guess).

— Eran Boudjnah

47. nigelr

nigelr posted on Indiegogo on 03/08/2018:

I received my unit yesterday and like everyone else was disgusted with it from the box to the product. This isn’t what we ordered or what is show in the photos. It’s pretty much useless as is with those buttons.Very much a disappointment and I’d not have paid £10 for this, it feels about that sort of level.

— nigelr

48. Peter Valuks

Peter Valuks posted on the RCL facebook page on 03/08/2018.

Mine arrived today. Seems to work fine so far. Can't wait for the instructions. OK so the quality is not the best but I'm impressed that @retrocomptersltd have managed to ship them at all after all the issues and negative publicity.

— Peter Valuks

49. Pocket_neo

50. Dave Cragg

51. Thor Are Helge

Thor Are Helge posted on facebook on 03/08/2018:

Got mine, but I'm not home to unpack it at the moment. Shipment day is July 30, but I got the RCL congratulatory mail om July 28. UPS with tracking number and delivered to my mailbox without notification.

— Thor Are Helge

Thor Are Helge packaging

52. Stemlo63

Stemlo63 has the Vega+ with serial number 1830500092 for sale on EBay. (archived copy)

53. James Lafferty

James Lafferty posted on Indiegogo:

Got mine today. Swapped it for a half eaten sandwich with my bin. The bin chucked it back at me !

— James Lafferty

54. Peter & Tania Jones

Peter & Tania Jones placed their Vega+ (order number 1504) with serial number 1830500194 on EBay (ginger_mcafro). (archived copy)

55. dereg001

dereg001 has placed the Vega+ for sale on EBay.

56. Barry Hutchinson

Barry Hutchinson posted on facebook on 04/08/2018 after receiving serial number 1830500138:

Good afternoon everyone - just to let you all know.. my ZX Vega + arrived earlier today.. I appear to have serial; 138...
First impressions.. it looks ok.. not sure about the d-pad controller yet.. but I guess it is what is is really... obviously the free games included are absolute rubbish, so I'm gonna load on a couple of my favourites.. onto SD card.. Commando and Atic Atac to start with! Lets go..

— Barry Hutchinson

A guide by Barry has been posted to help others struggling to load external games.

57. Pat Hills

Pat Hills posted on facebook on 04/08/2018:

So, 2 long-awaited new toys arrived in our household at the start of our weekend, one a large dumb plastic non-functional model with painful edges, ........ the other was the new Lego 007 DB5 :-) ;-) Have a guess which was more fun for me and kids.....

— Pat Hills

Pat Hills lego with Vega+

58. Rkmanchester

59. Steven Beales

Steven Beales posted on facebook on 04/08/2018 after receiving serial number 1830500164:

Miracles do happen. Postie dropped off number 164 this afternoon. Had a quick go on Egghead but had to stop as those buttons make my thumb ache!

Got an email last Saturday saying it would be here by ‘Tuesday at the latest’. Turned up today via Royal Mail signed for.

— Steven Beales

60. theladygee 

theladygee has put the Vega+ with serial number 1830500206 for sale on EBay. (archived copy)

61. Richard Chandler

Richard Chandler posted on the World of Spectrum facebook group on 04/08/2018:

If you manage to get a game working from the SD card then then me know how you did it, I'm still wrestling to get anything showing in the SD list.

Well I created a zxk file for Aquaplane but still nothing shows

It's bringing the Spectrum community together, we're all trying to work out how to use the damn thing...

Just tried running the Shock demo & River Raid demos on my unit and they're only running at approx 50-75%. Very sluggish.

— Richard Chandler

Richard Chandler struggling

62. nrsaving

nrsaving has put the Vega+ with serial number 1830500141 for sale on EBay (archived copy)

63. Planeta Sinclair Brazil

A review has been posted on the Planeta Sinclair blog after receiving serial number 1830500091.

64. harmindersmith

harmindersmith posted on Indiegogo on 05/08/2018:

well, it arrived. for all of its faults, I think the fact the sd card does not work on my unit is exceptionally poor…. if they do manage to work out their problems with the software, I won’t be able to update anyway!!! Unhappy with a lot of it…

— harmindersmith

65. Roman Grey

66. Matt Tangent

Matt Tangent posted on facebook on 06/08/2018 after receiving serial number 1830500155:

I was backer number 2 and originally pledged for "The Red One" but ended up opting for a "Blankety Blank" just so I could get my hands on something. It arrived last Thursday (#155) in the "ethical" packaging.

I only played a couple of games for a few minutes (Egg Head & Haunted House) as I immediately became frustrated by the shockingly crap buttons. They look and feel awful. Some of them aren't even straight - check out the pic.

I tried loading up Manic Miner from an SD card but that didn't seem to work. I think it may be losing some juice too but I'm not sure I even want to charge it up in case it breaks for good!

I'll probably wait until there's a firm wear update with proper instructions (like that'll ever happen) before I switch on again!

Although I'm massively disappointed with the end result I still feel like one of the lucky ones.

In the meantime I might dig out my original Vega for a quick blast of Manic Miner - at least that actually works and the buttons feel nice.

— Matt Tangent

Matt Tangent's Vega+ buttons look absolutely awful

67. Dan Wise

Dan Wise posted on Indiegogo:

Mine arrived last week. Same issues as everyone else. Cheaply made, wrapped in paper to post it (surprised it made it in one piece.) No charging cable or instructions. Buttons very poor. Gave them the benefit of the doubt so many times but delivering this was so beyond the teams limits. Very disappointed.

— Dan Wise

68. d_leefootballaf7c

d_leefootballaf7c has put the Vega+ with serial number 1830500147 for sale on EBay.

69. Jupiter8400

Jupiter8400 has put the Vega+ with serial number 1830500178 for sale on EBay.

70. David Perry

David Perry from California posted on Indiegogo.

71. Ian Rowe

Ian Rowe posted on the World of Spectrum facebook group.

72. Sven Vogelgesang

Sven Vogelgesang posted on facebook.

73. George Birkinshaw

George Birkinshaw from Gibraltar posted on Indiegogo:

I would have never realized not even in my widest dreams how bad the Vega Plus is. I am very disappointed!!

I requested a “blankety blank” and what I got it’s a nightmare. The Vega plus is so bad that the games are unplayable. The Buttons are to hard to press. Maybe if the playing experience was good Maybe I wouldn’t mind how cheaply it has been made, plastic screen and poor sound quality to today’s standards. Anyway now what RCL because I should send the Vega plus back to you and ask for a refund!!!!

— George Birkinshaw

74. Jason Greskoviak

Jason Greskoviak posted on facebook.

75. Ross

Ross posted on twitter.

76. Jason Brown

Jason Brown posted on twitter than his Vega+ arrived in Colorado.

77. Lee Todd

Lee Todd posted on Indiegogo:

Received My Vega+ yesterday, very happy with it

Cant get the sd card games to work using TAP and S80 not even detecting them. Need help please.

@Gary Mind blown, I am not tech savvy, I expected this to work straight out of the box, with support for the fore mentioned files, I have tried connecting my Vega to the PC and its not detectable. I only received the unit, no instructions or power supply, the 10 or so games loaded on the system run great. Thankyou for your help, appreciated.

— Lee Todd

78. Bigbaddaddyvader

Bigbaddaddyvader has put the Vega+ with serial number 1830500182 for sale on EBay.

79. Colin Wright

Colin Wright posted on twitter:

80. garyteacup

garyteacup has put the Vega+ with serial number 1830500006 for sale on EBay.

81. martianoids

martianoids has put the Vega+ with serial number 1830500093 and a case for sale on EBay.

Lee Fogarty banned

Lee Fogarty posted several comments on the Indiegogo campaign attempting to help Craig out with the keymapping for games before he was banned on 31/07/2018:

Lying Lee Fogarty

@Craig – it looks like you’ve got the “updated” firmware I was sent – this didn’t fix anything but added a lot more options that don’t work – the keymap screen being one of them – ignore it!

The information key is the one on the top right – load a game up and press that – on the pre-loaded ones you’ll see what the screen should look like. I believe there is a keymap tool written by a community member for PC – I’ll ask if he will release it and put it up for download.

@Craig – some tips (assuming you do have the same firmware I got lumbered with).

  1. Sub folders won’t work on the SD card
  2. Don’t load too many – it will take forever to boot, or just crash
  3. Don’t add more than one game per card. Seriously. Only the first alphabetical keymap ever gets loaded.

It is remotely possible the firmware is more up to date than the one I have, but you never know….

— Lee Fogarty

Ronan McEnvoy then passes on a message and posts an Indiegogo comment to say that Lee Fogarty has been banned:

From Lee – He can’t post on IGG now!

If there is anyone here registered on indiegogo for the Vega+, could someone make a post apologising that I can no longer comment? My last reply was going to be:-

@Ryan – I did suggest that the files should have an option to default to kempston, or no keymap defaults to QAOPM, but unfortunately it fell on deaf ears.

If anyone wants any further assistance, they will have to contact me directly.

Thanks :)

— Ronan McEnvoy

The ban on Lee Fogarty being able to post has been removed as of 31/07/2018.

Complete Games List

  1. 1994 - Ten Years After
  2. Albatrossity
  3. Banger Management
  4. Battery's Not Precluded
  5. Byte Me
  6. Coracle
  7. Egghead
  8. Egghead 2
  9. Egghead 3
  10. Egghead 4
  11. Egghead 5
  12. Haunted House
  13. Izzy Wizzy
  14. Loco Bingo
  15. More Tea, Vicar
  16. Nifty Lifty
  17. Quantum Gardening
  18. Slubberdeguillion
  19. 0___0 (in the menu but doesn't work)

Known Serial Numbers

  1. 1830500004 - Antoine Michels
  2. 1830500005 - rumncoke (for sale on EBay) (archived copy)
  3. 1830500006 - garyteacup (for sale on EBay)
  4. 1830500014 - David Whitchurch-Bennett
  5. 1830500019
  6. 1830500031
  7. 1830500035 - hpprivat
  8. 1830500036 - Barel Barelon
  9. 1830500038 - Ronan McEvoy
  10. 1830500052 - Mark Steel
  11. 1830500053
  12. 1830500082 - ringwaldmolly
  13. 1830500084 - Joanna Lesley (sold on EBay for £430) (archived copy)
  14. 1830500085 - CerealMad (for sale on EBay) (archived copy)
  15. 1830500090 - (Dean Woodyatt's friend)
  16. 1830500091 - Planeta Sinclair
  17. 1830500092 - Stemlo63 (sold on EBay for £240) (archived copy)
  18. 1830500093 - martianoids (sold on EBay for £220) (archived copy)
  19. 1830500099
  20. 1830500105 - Shaun Watling
  21. 1830500107 - William Thomas
  22. 1830500113 - Paul Benge
  23. 1830500123 - Jason Brooks (for sale on EBay) (archived copy)
  24. 1830500133 - Larry Bundy Jr (purchased from EBay as mentioned in a YouTube video)
  25. 1830500138 - Barry Hutchinson
  26. 1830500141 - nrsaving (sold on EBay for £310) (archived copy)
  27. 1830500147 - d_leefootballaf7c (sold on EBay for £320)
  28. 1830500152 - Steve Cawood
  29. 1830500155 - Matt Tangent
  30. 1830500159
  31. 1830500160 - Steve Everitt
  32. 1830500164 - Steven Beales
  33. 1830500169 - Gary Stubbs (order number 55)
  34. 1830500172 - Manic Miner (sold on EBay for £340) (archived copy)
  35. 1830500178 - Jupiter8400 (sold on EBay for £250)
  36. 1830500182 - Bigbaddaddyvader (sold on EBay for £300 Buy Now to Larry Bundy Jr as mentioned in a YouTube video)
  37. 1830500194 - Peter & Tania Jones (order number 1504, sold on EBay for £285) (archived copy)
  38. 1830500198
  39. 1830500199 - Victor Littlewood
  40. 1830500203
  41. 1830500206 - theladygee (sold on EBay for £255) (archived copy)
  42. 1830500207 - Garry Heather


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Confirmation of the shilling that went on from certain individuals during this absolute scandal. What a disgrace!

Well it seems justice has prevailed for once and no surprises there to be honest what a ridiculous bit of behaviour !

Indiegogo Campaign

"Our Indiegogo campaign is to raise funds to manufacture the first 2,500 or more units of the Vega+ in the UK, and to prepare us for the second production run."

— RCL (15/02/2016)

Vega+ Status

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  • Roll of honour email:
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  • PEGI certification:
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  • Prototypes made: ~100-200