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Suzanne Martin does not pay debts

Suzanne Martin loses in court but does not pay off her debtsSuzanne Martin has lost multiple court cases, and still owes tens of thousands of pounds to her victims. Here are documents showing a high court officer tracking down Suzanne Louise Martin (alongside her brother) to her mother's residence where they iniitially claim to be working at the property.


Enforcement Officer meets Suzanne Martin

HIGH COURT enforcement

13 June 2011

Our Reference: HIG96904MS
Your Reference: N/A

Dear Sirs,

- v -


With reference to the above matter.

Our Officer attended the address as directed. The premises is described as being a bungalow being in fairly poor condition, it has metal gates to front and side road, and garage to the left hand side. The garden is unkempt.

Unfortunately no contact was made with the defendant so a letter of attendance was left.

However, when our Officer went back to their van, a works vehicle turned up with the signage on Rowan Martins Decoration and Restoration where a gentleman and a woman got out of the vehicle. The woman made her way to the house. Our Officer got out of her vehicle to speak to the gentleman as he was locking his van where he stated he was just working at the property too. When asking about the lady, and also stated that she was working at the property too. It was obvious to our Officer that the gentleman didn't want to talk, as he seemed to know what it was with regard to.

The gentleman made his way to the front gate, walked in and shut the gate so our Officer could not get in and told her to go away. Our Officer then stated to him we knew the defendant lives there, and that we just wanted to chat with her if she is home. Our Officer was refused entry.

Upon arriving back at the van, our Officer then received a phone call from defendant stating that she has nothing, and she has lost everything and that the property we are at is in fact her mother's house, which we already know.

The defendant was very upset and distressed about the situation. She said that this company have been harassing her for a long time. She is basically told our Officer that she has been raped a while back and since then her life has been ruined. She stated that she has not worked for over 2 years. Our Officer then proceeded to ask her about the photography equipment which she is supposed to have. She stated that she sold it to try and live and has nothing else to give as she is living on benefits. She resides at her mother's house and has no life. She is basically suicidal. She does not care what happens, she is not going to be making any payments because she has not got any money. She really has had enough. She does not care about anything and she won't be making any payments towards this debt or any other debts that she has got as she has not got any money.

When our Officer was there, another woman went into the house, and then came over to our Officer's van. She introduced herself as the defendant's mother and explained the situation. Our Officer explained to her that she had just spoken with her daughter. The mother stated that her daughter is suicidal and has helped her with as much money as possible to help pay back bits and pieces and she does not have any way of helping her.

Our Officer explained to her that she was just there to try and to talk with the defendant and by lying to our Officer just makes it far worse. The lady apologised for this and for her son doing the same. Her son being the gentleman who slammed the gates earlier on our Officer.

In view of the above, please advise us if you wish us to carry out any further enforcement, as the defendant now states she is no longer going to contact us.

We await your further instructions

Yours faithfully,

High Court Enforcement Office


assets/zxvega/suzanne_martin_high_court_enforcement/thumbs/suzanne_martin_vs_coles_mcconnell_design_p1.jpg assets/zxvega/suzanne_martin_high_court_enforcement/thumbs/suzanne_martin_vs_coles_mcconnell_design_p2.jpg


Insurance Fraud Bureau Investigation

Suzanne Martin has been investigated by the Insurance Fraud Bureau after her rape claim. The Indian man accused served 7 years hard labour before the case was thrown out and he was released. Here is a letter from the Insurance Fraud Bureau relating to the case:

Dear Fraud Dept,

The Insurance Fraud Bureau suggested I contact you direct with a possible fraudulent claim I would appreciate you looking into. The person in question is a serial litigant and is currently in litigation with many people in the UK (ex clients) and we believe is involved in a scam in India in order to get monies illegally.

Suzanne Martin travelled to India on the 19th December 2007 and claims she was raped on 23rd December. The matter was not reported for many days and then she reported it to the British High Commission. The alleged rapist is now serving a life sentence in prison in India. The trial was based entirely on Suzanne Martin's evidence and due to Indian law, as a "credible business woman" no other evidence was requested.

The alleged rapist is now appealing and whilst his lawyers were investigating the case, the matter of her insurance was raised and it would appear that she may have received, or tried to claim monies from Aviva. The Indian lawyers have asked us to assist with the matter as we have been investigating Suzanne Martin's activities in the UK.

Suzanne Louise Martin
DOB: 14/06/1967

Current Home Address:
39 Dalgarno Gardens

Coach House
70A Cambridge Gardens
W10 6HR

Dec 2007/Jan 2008:
67 Princes Square
Work (current registered address but vacated end August 2009):
Westbourne Studios
242 Acklam Road
W10 5JJ

Tel: Office +44 (0) 207 524 7600
Mobile+44 (0) 7950 051911 and latest mobile 07971 300326

We received this email from India:

"I had an interesting talk to her doctor in the Aravali Hospital. He told me that she came on 30.12 08 to his hospital on instruction of her insurance company. His guess is that the insurance has doubts about the reason for her visits in the American Hospital which is more exclusive than the Aravali where she first went.

We have also to consider that her flight back to England may have been on 26. or 27.12.08. which she may have cancelled and the new flight booked which she may also be claiming for from the insurers. So I guess the insurance company has the right to ask why she didn't leave India.

What a coincidence - from 02.01.09 she was in the Aravali Hospital. The doctor also told me that the insurance company were even investigating her medical reports during the trial. The doctor of the Aravali Hospital also thinks that she made up the whole story. He didn't believe that she was really unwell but he refused to give me the phone number of the insurance company because of the reputation of the hospital".


assets/zxvega/suzanne_martin_fraud_department/thumbs/dear_fraud_department_p1.jpg assets/zxvega/suzanne_martin_fraud_department/thumbs/dear_fraud_department_p2.jpg


Outstanding Judgements

Here are a selection of 3 judgements (of many) that are still outstanding. These debts are from almost 10 years ago and the victims have still not received their money.

assets/zxvega/suzanne_martin_does_not_pay_debts/thumbs/20080408_8CL50835_suzanne_martin_unsatisfied_judgment.jpg assets/zxvega/suzanne_martin_does_not_pay_debts/thumbs/20090305_8MY08118_suzanne_martin_unsatisfied_judgment.jpg assets/zxvega/suzanne_martin_does_not_pay_debts/thumbs/20091201_9QY08843_suzanne_martin_unsatisfied_judgment.jpg

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Confirmation of the shilling that went on from certain individuals during this absolute scandal. What a disgrace!

Well it seems justice has prevailed for once and no surprises there to be honest what a ridiculous bit of behaviour !

Indiegogo Campaign

"Our Indiegogo campaign is to raise funds to manufacture the first 2,500 or more units of the Vega+ in the UK, and to prepare us for the second production run."

— RCL (15/02/2016)

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